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Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles; More Eco-Friendly Than Ever


Kornit Digital – a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand, digital fashion and textile production technologies – is celebrating its abilities at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + 4.0 Industry Event, taking place November 2-5.

This event welcomes producers, designers, industry experts, developers, and other visionaries to explore a complete alternative model for creating fashion that is environmentally responsible, driven by real-time demand, eliminating waste while transcending supply chain challenges—the future of fashion, delivered by digital.

The event will span three venues, offering a complete program for print service providers, brands, and retailers considering sustainable, on-demand digital production technology, while building upon the digitally produced runway collections presented by Kornit at Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv and New York Fashion Week.

Unlike a traditional “fashion week” event, this exposition will place great emphasis on sustainability, inclusion and diversity, highlighting:

Giveaway By Demand

All the printed t-shirts that will be given to attendees will be produced by Kornit technology only after they are digitally chosen by the receiver in a stand placed at the venue. There will be no pre-stocks of printed t-shirts that are waiting for the right person to choose them and no dead stock after the event has been concluded.

Minimum Water Usage & Energy Consumption

The apparel hitting the event’s runway are being manufactured with our flagship technologies, Atlas MAX and Presto S, which produce minimal water waste and consume less energy. Did anyone say, “high efficiency”?

On-Demand Production

Kornit Digital technology enables on-demand fashion manufacturing, which means producing only what is really needed, without textile waste. Unlike on many textile production floors, there will be almost no waste or unwanted fabrics on the production floor. Yes, fashion technology is what we are.

Sustainable Fashion Art Installation

Guests will not only enjoy watching top fashion designers’ interpretations of the latest fashion trends, but they will also have the option to get a ‘selfie’ with a few inspiring fashion installations created by a local artist.

The Three Pillars of Sustainability

The concept of sustainability consists of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Kornit Digital considers diversity and inclusion to be huge assets in our sustainability perception, and to prove that we decided to cast our shows with models from all ages and genders. Also note that all participants are L.A. based, so there won’t be any need for models from abroad – they’re only a taxi or bike ride from the show venue!

One-Step Production

Producing fashion with Kornit Digital’s technology means creating all the raw materials needed for collections in one location. Using this process, no transportation is required (for rolls of fabrics), nor is there need to look for special fabrics with special applications. It’s all created in one spot with this innovative and smart technology.

TIPA Collaboration

One of the major problems in the fashion industry is the packaging, and especially the plastic bags used to pack almost every single fashion item produced. TIPA is an amazing company, responsible for creating compostable packaging that biodegrades into nourishing compost, leaving behind the same nutrients left by organic waste. Attendees to the events will be able to order a printed T-shirt with Kornit technology, which will be send to them in TIPA’s packaging, to showcase the green benefits of our collaboration.

Digital & Sustainable Marketing

We care a lot about the world’s natural resources, and that’s why we decided to avoid the traditional printing of marketing materials. So how do we plan to convey our messages? By using QR codes and printing only what is necessary on recycled paper.

Planting Trees For You

It is now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees.

Kornit forest will be planted as a donation gift for the Kornit LAFW guests. All The guests at L.A. fashion week will receive a postcard (printed on recycled paper of course) and an email with a link to trees planted by us in their names. Through the email, they can follow and learn more about the project.

Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles is set to be one of the most sustainable fashion events of the moment. Register today to attend Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event.

About Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital (NASDAQ: KRNT) is a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand, digital fashion and textile production technologies. The company is writing the operating system for fashion with end-to-end solutions including digital printing systems, inks, consumables, and an entire global ecosystem that manages workflows and fulfillment. Headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Kornit Digital serves customers in more than 100 countries and states worldwide. To learn more about how Kornit Digital is boldly transforming the world of fashion and textiles, visit https://www.kornit.com.

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