Home News Last week fashion world leaders attended Dassault Systèmes Apparel PLM Forum

Last week fashion world leaders attended Dassault Systèmes Apparel PLM Forum


(LONDON, NOVEMBER 04, 2010) Last week fashion leaders attended Dassault Systèmes Apparel PLM Forum. Hosted at London’s Hempel Hotel, top brands, designers, manufacturers and retailers mingled with the press. They were there to hear how the latest V6 PLM developments are impacting their industry.

WhichPLM CEO Mark Harrop delivered the results of a survey taken from all the top PLM suppliers and users. More than 500 companies were canvassed in depth. The results are spectacular. Benefits are seen within and beyond the enterprise with business efficiency leading to double turnover and profits in many cases. Dassault Systèmes leads the field in technical and popularity polls.

Well-known Industry figure Peter Bambridge introduced Dassault Systèmes VP, Monica Menghini. Monica gave fascinating insights into how some of the world’s leading brands use V6 PLM. 3D design and development coupled with spectacular immersive Internet shopping on a PC, iPhone and tablet were shown. The audience saw a range of creative and technical possibilities that help companies excel. Innovation and business process improvements produce better collaboration and impressive results all-round.

Jerome Bergeret DS Director Consumer Goods, showed some of the ways that innovators in the fashion industry use DS know how and experience to deliver more compelling multi-channel shopping experiences. Retailers sell more and have fewer returns. He also showed how the Internet can have added realism with textures and 3D product interaction that lets customers make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Madhur Mahajan demonstrated V6 PLM to forum delegates. They saw how fashion and apparel brands of all sizes become very efficient through concurrency and collaboration.

The impact of The PLM forum is being felt through the industry. PLM methodology deployed by the world’s leading enterprises and brands delivers impressive results to the apparel industry. Dassault Systèmes PLM augments performance in supply chain efficiency, design, creativity and customer experience. That’s why it’s big news in the fashion industry

Judith Jones Judith Jones is the Media Manager of WhichPLM. Google+