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Lawson is attending Material World and the 2009 Apparel Tech Conference


(ST. PAUL, MINN., SEPTEMBER 24, 2009) Lawson Fashion will be exhibiting at the Material World/Technology Solutions event which is being held from September 30 to October 2, 2009 in the California Market Center, Los Angeles, California. A team of Lawson fashion experts including Bob McKee will be on hand to meet with people and answer questions. Chris Devous, IT Director at Antigua Group will be presenting Supply Chain Management Case Studies, and will talk about how Antigua manages their supply chain on Thursday, October 1 at10:30-11:30 AM PST.

Lawson will also be particpating in the 2009 Apparel Tech Conference which is to be held at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Conference Center, New York from November 11 to November 12, 2009. Again a team of Lawson fashion experts including Bob McKee, Clayton Fortna and Corey Schwartz will be available. Darren Silver, IT Director at Alternative Apparel will present a workshop on the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 11, titled Investing in ERP Technology in This Economy.  He will talk about Alternative’s process for choosing a new ERP, lesson learned by re-adjusting after the market crash at the end of 2008, and their expectations on how the new system will support future growth.

Some of the solutions Lawson will be presenting at the two events include:

• Lawson Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – a comprehensive application designed for retailers and manufacturers of apparel and accessories. This flexible, collaborative, web-based suite of applications facilitates the management of products, from design all the way through to production and helps enable you to innovate faster, but with more accuracy and with greater input from both your internal and external partners.

• Lawson QuickStep Fashion –  a solution that is preconfigured to provide features and functions mid-sized fashion companies need, and can address the different requirements of both brand owners that design, source, and distribute, and of manufacturing companies. QuickStep can reduce and streamline the steps required for a customized system implementation, saving you time and money, and taking the complexity out of deploying the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management solution for fashion companies. QuickStep offers the functionality you need to get up and running quickly, without it being a ‘lite’ version of the Lawson M3 solution.

• Lawson M3 Analytics – provides fast, easy-to-use business intelligence. It supplies your company with integrated information that helps you manage your business more strategically. It helps direct you to the critical areas of your business that need improvement, and provides measures which are focused on your organizational performance. It does so by collecting data from your M3 enterprise applications and providing you with key measures for analysis or reports.

For information on Material World see www.material-world.com and for information on 2009 Apparel Tech visit www.apparelmag.com.

If you would like to know more information about Lawson please follow the link: https://whichplm.com/lawson

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