Home Press release Leading Vietnamese Garment Manufacturer, Duc Hanh Garment JSC, Reduces Fabric Wastage by Almost 2 Percent and Obtains Full Fabric Visibility with IntelloCut, from Coats Digital

Leading Vietnamese Garment Manufacturer, Duc Hanh Garment JSC, Reduces Fabric Wastage by Almost 2 Percent and Obtains Full Fabric Visibility with IntelloCut, from Coats Digital


Waste reduction, real-time planning, fabric optimisation, smarter buying, and BOM savings are the key benefits IntelloCut has delivered for Duc Hanh

HA NAM, VIETNAM and LONDON, UK  – December 9, 2021 – Coats Digital is delighted to announce that following the implementation of Coats Digital’s IntelloCut solution in 2018, leading garment manufacturer, Duc Hanh Garment JSC – a key production partner for prestige brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Chaps – has been able to optimise its operations significantly and reduce fabric wastage by 1.95 percent.

Located in the Ha Nam province of Vietnam, Duc Hanh Garment Joint Stock Company, which specialises in delivering volume without compromising on quality, boasts a capacity of 2.2 million pieces a year, and 18 production lines spread across a 32,000m2 facility.

Prior to implementing IntelloCut, the cutting floor at Doc Hanh was co-ordinated manually using a homegrown spreadsheet solution that quickly proved unfit for purpose, since it was unable to provide full visibility into the cutting operations. As a result of the implementation of Coats Digital’s automated, intelligent, closed-loop fabric planning solution, IntelloCut, Duc Hanh was not only able to reduce wastage by 1.95 percent soon after implementation; but was also able to save 2.2 percent on its bill of materials, ensuring better-informed fabric bookings and improved profitability as a result.

David Goh, General Manager, Duc Hanh Garment JSC, said: “From a starting point of heavily manual workflow and very limited visibility, IntelloCut quickly enabled us to eliminate the Excel spreadsheets we had been using, providing complete, real-time visibility into the cutting process, As a directs result of implementing IntelloCut and partnering with Coats Digital, we can now accurately estimate our fabric requirements, which has allowed us to achieve much higher efficiency and productivity at the same time as cutting fabric waste, Thanks to the data centralisation and reporting capabilities of IntelloCut, we can now easily measure our efficiency and material utilisation. We now enough confidence to buy only the exact amount of fabric that the facility needs – no more, and no less.”

Three years on from the implementation, IntelloCut continues to provide a visibility advantage, cutting fabric waste to just 1.7 percent across the lifetime of the partnership between Duc Hanh and Coats Digital. As well as enabling Duc Hanh to correctly capture the company’s actual fabric consumption, IntelloCut has delivered an additional benefit of consolidating and centralising the company’s cutting room data. With the combined power of visibility and a single source of data, Duc Hanh has been able to both automate its data capture – ensuring accuracy – and rapidly produce detailed reports and order confirmation.

Jaya Choudhary, Professional Services Manager, Coats Digital, said : Duc Hanh is one of Vietnam’s leading garment manufactures – a position it has achieved and maintained because of its strong investment in modern technology and a cohesive, connected approach to production. After implementing IntelloCut in 2018, and making extensive use of the solution’s planning automation, visibility and execution control capabilities, Duc Hanh has successfully kept its fabric wastage to below 2 percent. We are thrilled to continue to be part of the company’s journey, and applaud the results that Duc Hanh has achieved to ensure it remains a forward-looking, innovative production partner on the world stage.

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