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Lectra front and center at Drapers Fashion Forum


Decision makers from leading fashion houses gather to share and learn more about major topics critical to the fashion industry

Lectra_Drapers ForumParis, December 16, 2014 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials—is pleased to report on its participation at the UK fashion business event, Drapers Fashion Forum 2014, recently held in London. Every year, the forum brings fashion professionals together to discuss issues critical to the industry.

The event, co-sponsored by Lectra and chaired by Drapers’ editorial director, Eric Musgrave, brought together decision makers from the world’s leading fashion houses to learn more about, and debate on, topics such as global expansion, the importance of fit and understanding today’s consumer.

Lectra was proud to share the stage with its long-standing customer Wacoal Eveden, a global leader in lingerie, to discuss how they have managed transformation and international growth without losing sight of their customers’ needs. Anastasia Charbin, Fashion and Apparel Marketing Director, Lectra and Tracy Lewis, Wacoal Eveden CEO, discussed the importance of remaining focused on a brand’s core values, as well as customer expectations, in order to succeed in the crowded marketplace.

“This year has been significant for Wacoal Eveden. In particular, we have been growing Wacoal’s European business, as well as building on our international success. We are continuing to strengthen the style, innovation, quality and standard of all of the collections we offer through our portfolio of brands, in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide women across the world with the best in intimate apparel,” said Tracy Lewis.

“Wacoal Eveden is a prime example of how it is possible to stay competitive and grow internationally when you remain customer focused. Producing excellent-quality garments that fit well is the company’s winning formula; they achieve this through constant research and innovation, to ensure that they continue meeting consumer expectations,” added Anastasia Charbin.

Eric Musgrave hosted a VIP roundtable lunch with Lectra on the theme, “Understanding the Changing Landscape of Fashion to Meet the Evolving Demands of the Consumer”. During the roundtable, participants discussed how the consumer is now in the driver’s seat. Companies are being forced to look inward and re-evaluate how they bring product to market and manage change, incorporating technology to support the process. Roundtable attendees included Esprit, River Island and Shop Direct, among others.

Lectra also hosted a roundtable on streamlining the product development cycle, sharing its expertise and providing insight on the subject. The general conclusion was that increased collaboration between design and development departments, as well as suppliers, is needed to ensure that product gets to market on time, with a consistent fit. In addition, improving control over the product development process would help companies protect their intellectual property (IP). The majority felt that inefficiencies in process could be further optimized in order to better meet consumer needs.

Drapers Fashion Forum is an excellent platform for fashion professionals to discuss their best practices and learn from the real-world case studies presented exclusively at the event. This year’s edition allowed Lectra to share its expertise and network with like-minded professionals attending the forum.

About Lectra

Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions that automate, streamline and accelerate product design, development and manufacturing processes for industries using soft materials. Lectra develops the most advanced specialized software and cutting systems and provides associated services to a broad array of markets including fashion (apparel, accessories, footwear), automotive (car seats and interiors, airbags), furniture, as well as a wide variety of other market sectors, such as aeronautical and marine industries, wind power and personal protective equipment. Lectra serves 23,000 customers in more than 100 countries with 1,500 employees and $270 million in 2013 revenues. The company is listed on Euronext.

For more information, please visit www.lectra.com

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