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Lectra: WhichPLM Evaluation 2016


WhichPLM is delighted to publish our first Supplier Evaluation this year, completed at the close of 2016. This also marks the first re-evaluation we have undertaken, with Lectra’s first published in 2015. We are pleased to see the progress made in key areas. 

This Evaluation represents the second time that WhichPLM has been asked to assess Lectra Fashion PLM. New to the market at the time of this Evaluation, the latest release carries through the vendor’s heritage of working with prestige fashion brands, while also extending the footprint of PLM to better serve retailers, manufacturers, and “hybrid models,” to meet the needs of a wider range of “personas” within each of those sectors.

Lectra’s newest release, Lectra Fashion PLM V5 boosts overall production efficiency by extending its process coverage to pre-production stages. The extended process coverage provides greater visibility over fabric and product cost management processes and guide companies towards making the right calls prior to production.

The company is also keeping up with their customers by acknowledging their increasingly nomadic nature. Lectra Fashion PLM V5 is equipping companies with a brand new series of mobile applications to help customers accelerate day-to-day decision-making. By being able to share and view mobile versions of their works-in-progress, brands and retailers can make on-the-spot decisions on work priorities, their collection range, the size and fit of their products during off-site meetings.

Headquartered in Paris, close to the Arc de Triomphe, Lectra maintains offices around the world and has major activity centres throughout Europe, China and North America, in addition to an R&D campus and “flagship showroom” centre in Bordeaux, France, where all key innovation work is undertaken. With significant strides recently taken in the areas of mobility, user experience, and materials management, Lectra has built on already-solid foundations to create an extremely capable PLM platform that scores at or above the industry average in every area WhichPLM measures.

Download your copy of Lectra’s 2016 Evaluation here.

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