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Lectra: WhichPLM Evaluation 2018


WhichPLM is delighted to publish our first Supplier Evaluation this year, and the third evaluation for Lectra. Lectra is the first supplier to have undertaken more than two evaluations with us (the first published in 2015) and we are very pleased to see the progress made in key areas. 

This Evaluation represents the third time that WhichPLM has been asked to assess Lectra Fashion PLM. As our third evaluation, we expected to dedicate this document to analysing incremental improvements to the Lectra Fashion PLM solution. In practice, we were shown an improved core solution in several key areas, yes, but we also saw a vendor who has undergone a seismic strategic evolution in a very short space of time. Encompassing entirely new approaches to R&D, deployment, sales, marketing, and implementation, we believe Lectra 4.0 is a message that any prospective customer of PLM should find persuasive.

As the name suggests, Lectra 4.0 should be thought of as the fourth evolution of the Lectra business – a wholesale re-orientation that encompasses software, hardware, services, sales, marketing, implementation and support.

To put this into context, the previous stage of Lectra’s evolution (Lectra 3.0) came about as a response to what CEO Daniel Harari referred to as the “reset economy” and focused on developing solutions and services that catered to the realities of business in the post-financial-crisis world – including the growth of so-called hybrid business models.

In contrast, Lectra 4.0 is far more optimistic. Its cornerstone is the desire to deliver solutions that allow Lectra’s customers to be more creative, automate non-value-added tasks, and embrace the future of digital supply chains and industrial integration.

At the close of our last Lectra Evaluation, we wrote that “any brand, retailer, or manufacturer who is willing to take a ‘wait and see’ approach on the industry’s wider move towards the Software as a Service model” should consider Lectra Fashion PLM. Now, we can remove that proviso; subscription-based PLM is here to stay, and Lectra’s solution is well-priced, fully-featured, has an outstanding user experience that is consistent across all modules, and is sold and supported by a business that understands the future of fashion intimately.

Download your copy of Lectra’s 2018 Evaluation here.

New for 2020, we’ve launched our PLM comparison tool. Although each evaluation is freely available, until now there was no easy-access way of quickly comparing those evaluated…

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