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Lee Cooper Selects WFX Web PLM


(WFX APRIL 16, 2009) The 100 year old original Great British jeans company, Lee Cooper, has selected Web PLM from WFXondemand.com.

Lee Cooper executives feel that in this cost cutting economy, investments in technology are essential to drive down cost of operations. WFX Web PLM is a quick, user friendly and cost effective solution which shows immediate results.

Lee Cooper intends to use WFX to collaborate with users in London, Hong Kong, France and Lee Cooper’s global supplier base. “Communicating product information easily across our global team and partner base is essential to effectively manage the growth of our brand.” Ben Muis, Head of Product, Lee Cooper.

“Due to the software-as-a-service platform of WFX & the user friendly nature of the Web PLM, we felt they would be the ideal partner for PLM.” Ben Muis.

Lee Cooper with head quarters in London is a designer, distributor, and marketer of branded jeans, clothing, accessories, and footwear. Lee Cooper, one of the original jeans brands dating back to 1908, has a long history of providing innovation and denim excellence to its customers. The Company holds leading positions in its European markets and has distribution arrangements covering over 40 countries worldwide.

World Fashion Exchange (WFX) is a global software organization, catering specifically to the fashion industry. WFX provides customizable web-based software solutions, which completely and efficiently manage the product life cycle. WFX brings you WFX Web PDM and WFX Web PLM On-Demand starting at $85 user/month.

More information is available at www.wfxondemand.com

Source: IMB-Cologne.com

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