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Living Colour: The Case for a New Approach to Colour Management


Get your hands on ‘Living Colour’, the latest white paper from WhichPLM and DeSL.

What is colour? The answer probably seems easy. It’s the shade of lipstick you see on a printed magazine ad. It’s the choices you make when you paint your walls at home. It’s the skin tones you see when you snap a selfie. It’s the way a finished garment looks in-store, or when you get it home to your closet.

Each of these simple outcomes, though, is the result of an extremely complex colour management process – one designed to create an end product as true as possible to an original inspiration or source. What we perceive as simply “colour” isn’t anywhere near as straightforward as it seems.

Fortunately, a new category of solutions is opening the door to a different approach to working with colour – one designed to not just improve accuracy, but also to realise a range of other benefits for everyone who touches the colour lifecycle…

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