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Luxury brand ZILLI chooses Gerber’s YuniquePLM


France-based luxury brand ZILLI, which offers a range of premium leather goods, including jackets, luggage, belts, shoes, jewellery, etc. for both men and women, has selected Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM, to support its expansion strategies in the Middle East and China.


Claudine Robinet, CFO – ZILLI averred, “Our decision to select YuniquePLM stemmed from their team of experts and class leading product that will allow us to realize benefits in a short amount of time. We look forward to centralizing our data and introducing greater visibility and collaboration to our teams,” adding, “As we expand our presence geographically as well as our product offerings, we must stay true to our original founding mission of providing the finest bespoke goods. YuniquePLM will help us achieve greater efficiency and maintain our longstanding commitment to quality.”

YuniquePLM will enable ZILLI to unify its staff, processes and business operations to help decision makers make quicker, better-informed product line decisions and execute with the highest efficiency, the press release states. ZILLI will deploy YuniquePLM across all its product offerings.

Gerber provides industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers enhance their manufacturing and design processes and better manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end-customer.

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