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Maximizing value with Lawson Fashion PLM


LawsonLawson held its first U.S. PLM Customer Day at the Lawson Corporate Briefing Center in St. Paul, MN on December 2, 2008 for representees of Lawson Fashion PLM customers with the Lawson PLM partner Ptex Solutions and key members of the Lawson Fashion team. The meeting was a first step towards enhancing the relationship with Lawson Fashion PLM users and an opportunity for them to meet members of the Lawson Product Management and Support teams to hear about future plans for Lawson Fashion PLM.

User networkLawson Customer Event

Lawson updated the users on the latest PLM solution and explained how clients could maximize the value from their existing investment in PLM. Prasham Kamdar, Managing Partner, Ptex Solutions and a pioneer for PLM in the Indian fashion industry, presented a case study on the Gini & Jony implementation, as well as some examples of PLM reporting solutions. The feedback from attendees was that the day was an excellent experience and a good opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with other Lawson Fashion PLM users. They saw a strong commitment from the Lawson Fashion team to not only help expand their investment, but also help ensure that the user network thrives.

Upcoming education webinars for customer base

The meeting concluded with a list of actions including the decision that Lawson will organize PLM education webinars to support and improve communication with its customer base. Lawson Fashion PLM users left the meeting looking forward to future meetings and greater collaboration with the hope that other users will also get involved.

WhichPLM evaluation

The Lawson Fashion PLM solution has been evaluated by the WhichPLM team. Visit the Lawson page to register for free to see the scores: https://whichplm.com/lawson

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