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MintModa Predicts Movement Towards the Casual, the Functional, the Artisanal and the Individual for NYFW Spring 2018


World-Respected Trend Forecaster, Sharon Graubard, Predicts Athleisure Will Become a Fashion-Forward Category and a Renewed Interest in the Construct of Femininity

New York, NY – September 5, 2017 – MintModa, provider of brand-centric trend forecasts for fashion and design-related industries releases its forecast for NYFW Spring 2018. Sharon Graubard, internationally recognized fashion forecaster, offers her highly anticipated seasonal predictions.

“Spring 18 will reflect current movements toward the casual, the functional, the artisanal and the individual, as well as the current fascination with the prim styles of the romantic past,” predicts MintModa founder and Creative Director Sharon Graubard. “While it sometimes seems like all of New York City is dressed in either workout clothes or jeans, fashion has a wonderful ability to absorb these movements into forward-thinking, fresh silhouettes.”

“The feeling for workwear and the movement towards the artisanal will merge for Spring 18. For a trend we call ‘Atelier’, we will see sturdy fabrics like canvas and denim cut into clean, boxy shapes. Humble checks and shirting stripes are part of this story. Details will include drawstrings, snaps and metal zips. Colors for Atelier are a mix of browns and blues for practicality, softened with neutral pinks,” says Graubard.

“Athleisure will move beyond expected leggings and sweats to become a fashion-forward category. We see a global nomad look emerging, for a trend titled ‘Glo-Mad’. We will see featherweight techno fabrics cut into nomadic shapes that wrap and tie around the body. It will be a mix of body-hugging and loose, as in a billowing parka over leggings or even a bodysuit. Colors here will be deep vegetal tones popped with silver, gold or neon, a palette that takes its cue from the Afro-Futurist art movement,” continued Graubard.

“As gender identities continue to be explored, there is renewed interest in the construct of femininity. One direction we will see is a playful mix of feminine signifiers like florals, ruffles, sheer fabrics and sorbet colors. Shapes will borrow from the 1950s and 60s, with Mod shift dresses, waisted frocks and pretty blouses, all subverted with freeform layering and mismatched prints. We call this look ‘FemPower’,” stated Graubard.

“Another exploration of femininity finds itself in a re-mix of Victorian high collars and delicate lace toughened up with a black-leather-infused punk sensibility for a trend we call ‘Antiqk’. Colors here will be a play of black and white, with sharp pink and acid yellow adding accents. A slogan-emblazoned T-shirt might be worn under a corset-seamed Edwardian jacket. The look is covered up yet provocative.” Graubard concludes, “Prim is the new sexy.”

About MintModa

MintModa provides trend forecasting and indispensable intelligence for trend-right product development. MintModa’s client-focused subscription content and custom consulting services elevate and differentiate product by seamlessly merging brand DNA with consumer insight and meaningful design. Our analytic approach empowers both brands and retailers, bringing immediate value to clients across the global design community.  MintModa is headquartered in New York City. Visit us at mintmoda.com and follow us on instagram |pinterest

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