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A Nettelo Advertorial; Transforming the way to design, manufacture, sell and buy the products we wear


In this guest advertorial fashion 3D technology entrepreneur, Yael Chojnowski, shares the story of Nettelo – the company she co-founded to develop mobile 3D body scanning, analysis and product matching solution. The Nettelo solution aims to obtain an accurate 3D digital model of a user’s body with a smartphone and provides cloud-based body analysis and product matching solutions as a service for businesses.

The Supply and Demand Paradigm

The Fashion industry, like many others, faces constant and repetitive challenges.

How do businesses predict which products will sell in an industry dealing with fierce competition, highly seasonal products and volatile demand? How do they plan production and orders accordingly? Apparel brands, manufacturers and retailers struggle to make accurate forecasts. Unwanted bad-fitting products are greatly overproduced, whilst wanted (or, needed) well-fitting ones are undersupplied.

But for every challenge there is at least a solution. Mass customization and ability to precisely understand demand before production started are key factors to balance supply and demand. Thanks to innovative 3D mobile and Artificial Intelligence technology, the Nettelo solution provides the ability to accurately match people and products, addressing these critical factors.

Democratizing 3D Body Scanning and Analysis through sharing economy with the users

Nettelo turns mobile devices like smartphones and tablets into precise 3D body scanners with just a mobile application: no additional hardware is needed. Users can use self-scan at home (@Home solution) with a personal mobile device and share 3D body scan data with businesses by request. In addition, 3D scanning of any group of persons can be obtained with the use of a mobile device running professional application (@MobileCenter solution).

The ability to capture user’s 3D body scan data anywhere, to process, manage and analyse these data sets with comprehensive cloud services creates opportunity to get precise 3D digital body for every customer. This unlocks disruptive digital innovations capable of bringing transformational user experiences for consumers and optimized business processes from the very early stages of a product’s lifecycle for the businesses.

Unlocking Mass Made-to-Measure

While made-to-measure apparel offers tremendous business opportunities in mass customization and reflects growing consumer demand, implementing such activity on mass scale poses real challenges. Nettelo’s 3D body scanning mobile solution is a game-changer for the made-to-measure industry, unlocking global mass customization.

It offers cost effective opportunities to obtain, analyze and manage accurate and virtually unlimited digital body metric information about customers. It gives made-to-measure companies unique ability to work online and with global market customers while obtaining and managing customer’s body shape and metric information, anytime and from anywhere. And it brings a unique channel of mobile engagement between businesses and customers with photorealistic quality 3D visual content, allowing iterations on products at the early stages of engagement with customers before physical production.

Transforming Imagewear and Workwear markets

The professional clothing market faces fundamental challenges. Use of pre-production product samples and manual measurement of a client’s employees are the main methods for the product matching and the production inventory management. This is expensive and time-consuming. Data collection for potential re-use during those processes is a cumbersome ad-hoc process.

Cost effective pervasive 3D body scanning and analysis of the target group of any size using @Home and @MobileCenter solutions together with AI based product matching, creates the potential to eliminate pre-production sampling and inventory over-build, and drastically decreases execution time for any size of the order.

Helping to balance supply and demand for the ready-to-wear market

The democratization of 3D body scanning, business access to individual consumers’ body metrics, and ability to precisely match products with every consumer provides strong business benefits. Comprehensive product matching, utilizing precise 3D information of a consumer’s body and Artificial Intelligence Technology can be applied to the digital model of the product as well, leading to new way of estimating precise demand for that product before the actual product is even made. It will allow to build product inventory with much better alignment with demand without waste of under-supply or over-supply.

Facilitating individuals to obtain individual 3D digital body models, Nettelo aims to bring body metrics and product matching analysis cloud services for businesses across the entire fashion industry, and more generally, to every sector related to the products we wear.

* Nettelo is a USA / French start-up founded by a group of seasoned tech entrepreneurs in the field of 3D CAD and cloud computing. In addition to the fashion industry, the solution is being used in the field of medical wearables and fitness centres. IFTH (French Institute of Textile Industry) has evaluated several body scanning solutions and has identified Nettelo as the most advanced mobile solution. To find out more, visit Nettelo, or watch our video here.

[The apparel shown within the images in this piece come from Danit Peleg, and To & Guy.]

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