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New benefit available to SATRA members


Collaboration with FindSourcing online platform enables SATRA members to identify footwear suppliers.

SATRA has collaborated with FindSourcing an online platform that makes it easier to find a partner in the footwear industry while ensuring transparency in the sourcing process. To ensure SATRA members find out more about this exciting new member benefit, a webinar will be held on Wednesday 23rd September at 07:00 BST for manufacturers (with a Chinese translation), 10.00 BST for manufacturers (English only) and at 16:00 BST for brands and buyers. Register on www.satra.com/resources to find out more.

With travel restrictions and so many exhibitions being cancelled around the world, companies within the footwear industry have had to adapt to different ways of both marketing their products and buying what they need. SATRA therefore recognises the value of an online resource to enable the easy identification of a supplier of shoemaking components, materials or finished footwear – or to achieve greater exposure to potential customers as a producer.

Suppliers of finished footwear, components, materials and leather can sign up at no cost to create a FindSourcing profile and have their information indexed. Buyers can filter their searches and contact sellers directly via the system’s database. The program also features a quotation function permitting a buyer to submit details of his or her requirements and receive offers from suppliers. FindSourcing will then connect the buyer directly with the seller. SATRA members who choose to participate can be identified through a specific filter search and highlight their membership, lab accreditation and leather grading status on their profile.

John Hooker, SATRA’s Chief Executive, says “This is an exciting opportunity for SATRA members to identify themselves to buyers from across the global supply chain, positioning themselves at the top of all filter searches as SATRA members, with SATRA Lab Accreditation and SATRA Leather Grading certificates, thereby opening up new commercial prospects.”

For further information on this new benefit, email membership@satra.com.


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