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New branding identity for Lectra


Resolutely reflecting the digital era, Lectra’s new branding identity is inspired by Lectra’s strategy, customer-focused and anchored in Industry 4.0 concepts

Paris, January 9, 2018 – Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, unveils a new branding identity that powerfully demonstrates the digital orientation of Lectra’s strategy, created to support fashion and apparel, automotive and furniture companies to successfully flourish with Industry 4.0 concepts.

Designed with the agency ComCorp, Lectra’s new branding universe reflects the company’s continuing evolution and accentuates its role as a trailblazer on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. The redesigned branding universe strongly evokes innovation inscribed in Lectra’s DNA, and leverages the company’s four values: Caring, Committed, Insightful and Visionary.

Modern and elegant, the new logo expresses the premium positioning of Lectra – how it is proud to collaborate with avant-garde companies – and underlines the evolution of Lectra’s offer through data analysis. The square ‘pixels’ in Lectra’s new graphic charter are a visual reflection of the company’s digital direction. However, the colors – so distinctive of Lectra – remain the same. They serve as a reminder of Lectra’s loyalty towards its customers and aim to be their indispensable partner of choice for technology.

The tagline ‘Empowering customers through industrial intelligence’ confirms Lectra’s commitment to provide customers with the means to achieve their ambitions. Constantly alert to industrial trends impacting customers’ sectors, Lectra ceaselessly designs solutions to support customers in the digital age, facilitating their transition towards the industry of tomorrow.

A pioneer in the industrial Internet of Things since 20017, and today actively engaged on the path towards Industry 4.0, Lectra places the collection and analysis of data at the heart of its offer. The notion of industrial intelligence is pivotal to the implantation of a digital value chain for customers, enabling the real-time inter-connection between design and product development teams, the smart factory, suppliers and consumers.

“Lectra’s new branding identity is a direct reflection of the company’s evolving strategy, its expertise and rich history,” states Alexis Noal, vice-president, ComCorp. “The new branding is the fruit of a close collaboration with Lectra’s teams, at every level, and nourished through our recent exchanges with Lectra’s customers and partners.”

“2017 was one of the most passionate years for Lectra, starting with the announcement of a new strategy designed to help our customers successfully enter the Industry 4.0 era. The strategy totally inspired us when we revamped all the fundamentals of the brand. Lectra’s new branding identity, which we are delighted to unveil today, expresses the company’s dynamism, its audacious vision and the driving ambition to support customers,” underlined Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Discover our new branding identity here! 

About ComCorp

ComCorp is an independent European communications agency, specialised in building trust and reputation for businesses and brands. With a wide range of skills, services and solutions, its offering covers the entire communications value chain, from strategic advice to performance measurement, and includes media relations, corporate and financial coms, crisis management, content/editing/copywriting, internal communications, advertising campaigns, digital, events, marketing and commercial communications. ComCorp also positions itself as the partner of choice for companies that need support, guidance and expertise for the design, deployment, orchestration and implementation of their communications strategies. Founded in 2013 by Charles de La Rochefoucauld and based in Paris, ComCorp is an active member of three complementary international networks made up of independent agencies.

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About Lectra

For companies that breathe life into our wardrobes, car interiors, furniture and more, Lectra is crafting the premium technologies that facilitate the digital transformation of their industry. Lectra’s offer empowers brands and manufacturers from design to production, providing them with the market respect and peace of mind they deserve. Founded in 1973, today Lectra has 32 subsidiaries across the globe, serving customers in over 100 countries. With more than 1,600 employees, Lectra reported revenues of $288 million in 2016. Lectra is listed on Euronext (LSS).

For more information, please visit www.lectra.com

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