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New for 2012: WhichPLM Events Calendar


As the scope of global product development grows, and businesses of all shapes and sizes realise the benefits of truly expanded PLM, so too has our readership.  Alongside the IT executives and project leads who have always been our regular readers, we now count CEOs, designers, garment technicians, merchandisers, buyers, retail owners and many more amongst our audience.

As a consequence the range of software, news and solutions that we cover has become broader and continues to diversify.  But in order to reflect the true reach of WhichPLM today, we wanted to go further.

As part of our continued commitment to our readers, this week sees the launch of the WhichPLM Events Calendar.  An online resource collecting the most important apparel industry fixtures for the coming year and beyond, the Events Calendar is populated with seminars, shows, webinars and fashion weeks that have been specially selected to cater to the interests of our broad readership.

By default the Events Calendar displays the events for a given month, but by pushing the “week” or “agenda” display buttons readers can plan their attendance on a day-by-day basis, ensuring they never miss a critical seminar, conference or show.  Clicking on a given entry reveals more detail about that event, including a map of the location, an overview of the event content and the chance to visit the event organiser’s website to glean further information and register.

The WhichPLM team have undertaken significant research to make sure that our calendar includes the best and the most suitable events from around the world, but as the year progresses we plan to work closely with organisers the world over to ensure that the Events Calendar always contains the latest events and fixtures that are relevant to product development for the apparel industry.

If you are an event organiser and would like to be included, please contact our Editor, Ben Hanson, on ben@whichplm.com.


Ben Hanson Ben Hanson is one of WhichPLM’s top contributors. Ben has worked for magazines, newspapers, local government agencies, multi-million pound conservation projects, museums and creative publications before his eventual migration to the Retail, Footwear and Apparel industry.Having previously served as WhichPLM’s Editor, Ben knows the WhichPLM style, and has been responsible for many of our on-the-ground reports and interviews over the last few years. With a background in literature, marketing and communications, Ben has more than a decade’s worth of experience, and is now viewed as one of the industry’s best-known writers.