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New PTC Retail PLM Solution Enables Customers to Achieve Quicker Time to Value


Pre-Configured Solution Delivers Industry Best Practices and Rapid Deployment Services

(NEEDHAM, Mass. – June 11, 2013) PTC today announced its new PTC® Retail PLM Solution developed specifically for the requirements of companies in the retail, footwear and apparel industry and built on the PTC Windchill® FlexPLM® product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for that industry.  The optional PTC® Value-Ready DeploymentTM offering provides industry best-practices and implementation services to enable customers to rapidly deploy and quickly realize value.

Companies are implementing PLM solutions to fuel growth and improve margins in today’s globally competitive economy. For retailers, delivering innovative, trend-right products to the market faster has become a business imperative.  Maintaining high quality products, building a competitive edge and generating consistent profit margins continue to be essential.  The PTC Retail PLM Solution was developed to address these specific challenges faced by companies across the retail, footwear and apparel industry through its out-of-the-box solution to help them realize business benefits faster.

“Retail organizations are looking to increase their creativity for new product offerings, improve profit margins and leverage new channels and markets like never before,” said Howard Heppelmann, senior general manager supply chain segment, PTC.  “We have a decade of experience working with some of the most successful and innovative retail organizations.  Based on this experience, we have developed the PTC Retail PLM Solution to help companies quickly achieve maximum value from the retail industry’s most comprehensive, market leading PLM system.  This solution enables retail, footwear and apparel companies to focus resources on creating competitively advantageous offerings that enhance the bottom line.”

The PTC Retail PLM solution will offer three different PTC Value-Ready Deployments for each of the separate retail, footwear and apparel segments.  These deployment offerings capture the distinct best practices within each industry and will enable organizations to stay on-trend, on-time and on-cost.  These best practices are based on PTC’s experience working with and implementing PLM technology with market-leading companies across the retail industry.

According to Janet Suleski, Research Director at Gartner, “When a firm uses an out-of-the box solution, it can take advantage of best practices and industry-specific functionality the (software) vendor has programmed into the technology. You will also benefit from the standardization and scalability of the technology that’s been tested in the marketplace.” (Source: Apparel Thought Leadership Report, “Out-of-the-Box: Advantages of Pre-Configured PLM).

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