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The New Speed of Fashion: Digitally Integrated Design, a Gerber Technology Advertorial


In today’s guest advertorial, Gerber Technology discusses the current pace of fashion, and how the YuniquePLM Design Suite can help you keep up. 

Fashion is all about trends. We set them. We follow them. We decide when to ignore them. But in today’s market, it’s important to follow trends in technology as closely as you follow trends in fashion. Thanks to those tech trends, the future of fashion is approaching at the speed of light.

We live in a time where trends move fast and consumers expect you to move faster. Fortunately, major technical innovations are enabling you to move from sketch to tech pack quickly so you can get your designs to market faster, meeting the demands of a see now/buy now mentality.

Gerber Technology’s digital solutions are the driving force behind fashion’s technology revolution and YuniquePLM® can be the digital hub for your entire creative, design and production process.

YuniquePLM Design Suite puts the power of PLM in the hands of your creative teams while allowing them to work with the tools they use every day. With a fully integrated suite of Adobe® plugins, Design Suite enables users to create and modify styles, color palettes and images in YuniquePLM without leaving Adobe Illustrator®. You can seamlessly integrate essential information into your product lifecycle management process, including sketches, Adobe Artboards and images that make it simple to go from concept drawings to building styles.

YuniquePLM Design Suite plugin works with the latest version of Adobe software on both Mac and PC. As the only apparel PLM plugin offered in Adobes app marketplace YuniquePLM provides updates to its plugins with each Adobe update. So you won’t lose the connection between the industry leading design application and the apparel industry’s leading apparel PLM application.

Empowering Design Teams with YuniquePLM Design Suite Plugins


Easy color management for new and existing color palettes, including Pantone® libraries, from YuniquePLM’s color folder.



Manage images by accessing Adobe Illustrator digital artwork, sketches, graphics, inspirational boards, detail sheets and CADs within YuniquePLM.

Artboards allow users to work with one Adobe Illustrator file and assign pages to different sections within a style – saving your users a huge amount of time vs. traditional PLM applications.

Create new styles from sketches in Adobe Illustrator. All updates can be seen instantly in YuniquePLM.

Digitally making samples by integrating with AccuMark 3D cuts cycle times and cost

Another productivity boosting benefit of YuniquePLM is that it allows for your design and development teams to collaborate in one place, creating and sharing digital assets with AccuMark® and Accumark 3D to accelerate and optimize your process further.

All the digital assets created in the YuniquePLM Adobe Design Suite, can be directly imported into AccuMark to use in the technical design process. From here, using AccuMark and YuniquePLM’s virtual sampling tools you can see how a design will fit on your model so you can test, validate and make design decisions early in the process. Your creative and technical design teams can collaborate on a virtual sample. They can instantly make pattern changes or adjust image locations effortlessly. By consistently providing true-to-life digital renderings Gerber’s AccuMark 3D allows your design to go from patterns, 3D virtual sample, to production ready garments in about half the time it takes for a traditional non-digital process.

As you move through the design process, YuniquePLM enables your creative teams to connect with your supply chain. Further leveraging technology to manage the large amounts of ever-changing data for each new line and product. To ease this burden of inherent communication challenges of a globally dispersed supply chain, YuniquePLM leverages automatic notifications to keep workflows streamlined and data well organized, while nurturing the creative flow that is essential to fashion-forward apparel companies. Real-time communication eliminates delays and errors on critical design, planning, production and business tasks, streamlining your time-to-market.

By unlocking the enhanced performance of YuniquePLM, Gerber has ensured that this product lifecycle management software serves as a hub for your critical data and eliminates the problems companies often face when using multiple spreadsheets or tracking documents to communicate throughout the stages of product development and management. YuniquePLM creates a single version of the truth, connecting a company’s creative process with their supply chain and production processes.

Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM combined with AccuMark and AccuMark 3D provide the comprehensive, start-to-finish software suite with all the power needed to perfect and digitize your processes. Ultimately, fashion brands and apparel makers who move early to integrate these technologies into their design, management and production operations will generate higher margins and gain tremendous competitive advantages in their market.

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