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New York conference to explore potential for digital textile expansion


Leeds, UK, 01 June, 2016 – Can the US textile and apparel industry capitalize on the dynamic growth of digital fabric printing to WTiN North America Digital Textile Conference, to reinvigorate ‘made in America’ manufacturing? That’s the question that will be examined at the take place in New York on July 13.

Digital textile printing grew globally by 28% in 2015 to reach output of 1.2 billion square metres, supported by rapid investment in high-speed industrial machinery and inks. Print design has evolved to take advantage of its new opportunities, while leading brands and retailers have embraced shorter product development cycles and new, more responsive supply chain models – often involving production close to the final customer. The technology has also led to the blossoming of a new industry of personalized web-to-consumer printing on demand.

The USA is already participating in this boom, with a global market share of more than 6% and a growth rate last year of over 40%. But can its manufacturing infrastructure keep pace with the potential of this powerhouse sector? Where are the opportunities? And how do the costs of digital print compare with familiar analog production – both for the printer and for the buyer?

The WTiN North America Digital Textile Conference, chaired by Digital Textile magazine editor John Scrimshaw, will take place at the Javits Convention Center, alongside the leading Texworld USA fabric show, on Wednesday, July 13. Sponsors are Kiian Digital, Lubrizol, SPGPrints, Sensient Technology, Expand Systems and Diamond Dispersions.

In a strategically focused program, Patrick Duffy, VP of Sustainability and External Affairs at Manufacture New York, will explore the technology’s impact on the global supply chain. Its ‘reshoring’ potential will form the subject of a panel discussion with participation by Dr Lisa Chapman, of NC State University, whose work on digital textile printing includes projects sponsored by Walmart. And Kristi O’Meara, Co-founder of The Patternbase, will examine the influence of digital printing on design trends.

Delegates will also hear from some of America’s leading digital textile experts, including Mark Sawchak of Expand Systems, Raylene Marasco of Dyenamix, Jerry Pinto of Advanced Chemical Solutions, and Steve Smith, of DPInnovations.

Sponsor-led round-table discussions will help participants delve deeper into areas of keenest interest: Choosing between reactive and pigment inks based on application (Kiian Digital); Can fast fashion be sustainable? (SPGPrints); and Printing economics – analog vs. digital (Lubrizol).

WTiN analyst James Rankin will provide an overview of digital textile market trends and projections for the future. Jos Notermans, of SPGPrints will consider the lessons that can be learnt from Europe in the delivery of fast fashion. Christophe Bulliard, of Sensient Technology, will examine the sustainability question. And Marco Girola, of JK Group will explain the choice between direct and transfer printing on polyester.

WTiN Managing Director Mark Jarvis said: “The USA is at an exciting moment when the progress in digital printing can play a major role in the drive for reshoring of textile manufacture. In this conference we will set out the business case for printers and their customers, as well as seeking to identify any barriers that might need to be overcome in order for the industry to thrive.”

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