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NGC Releases 2010 Version of Global Enterprise Suite


NGC’s integrated PLM, Global Sourcing and ERP suite gives apparel brands and retailers powerful new tools to drive greater profit and productivity

(MIAMI – OCTOBER 26, 2010) NGC® today announced the latest release of its Global Enterprise Suite, an integrated solution of PLM, global sourcing and ERP software for fashion brands, retailers and consumer products companies. The new release includes significant enhancements throughout the application suite, as well as the introduction of NGC’s Vendor Payment Automation module for global trade logistics.

Highlights include:

PLM and Global Sourcing: Enhanced line planning streamlines development and improves profitability

The 2010 release of NGC’s PLM and Global Sourcing system takes line planning far beyond its traditional role to encompass sophisticated line reporting and financial analysis. Using NGC’s software, merchants can:

• Plan the direction in order to streamline the development process, thus improving design productivity and saving time and money.

• Establish target costs, prices and margins for the line to ensure that profit goals are met.

• Adjust inventory levels throughout the production process to take advantage of sales trends and ensure that the right products are available at all times.

Enhanced line planning is one of the modules available in one of the industry’s most comprehensive and widely installed solutions for PLM. NGC’s application encompasses all aspects of product development, sourcing, testing, production, and logistics. Workflow calendars, collaboration tools and exception management ensure that design and production schedules stay on track. Users can customize their desktop to suit their individual preferences and roles – greatly improving their productivity.

Vendor Payment Automation streamlines global trade logistics

The new release includes Vendor Payment Automation, which automates the complex process of matching documents and approving vendor invoices in global trade logistics. Vendor Payment Automation eliminates manual processes with an easy-to-use solution and centralizes all documentation required for vendor payments.

ERP system adds multi-currency features, web order entry by reps and customers

NGC continues to deliver the industry’s most versatile fashion ERP solution. Key additions to the 2010 release include support for multi-currency buying and selling, and order entry over the web by a company’s remote sales reps and customers.

“The latest release of our Global Enterprise Suite is part of an extraordinary year for NGC, in which the company is seeing tremendous traction in customer wins and go-lives,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales and marketing, NGC. “NGC has increased staffing in professional services, technical support and sales in order to capitalize on significant opportunities for growth, and we are accelerating the delivery of innovative solutions that drive growth and profitability.”

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