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ODLO Teams with Setlog to Optimize Multi-Channel Management


ODLO International AG, headquartered in Hünenberg, Switzerland (www.odlo.com) is a leading performance sports apparel and accessories brand. The company is committed to producing the very best functional active wear for people who love movement regardless of the level of intensity or environment. Unique, highly technical standards for fabrics and fabrications have established ODLO as a market leader in active sports apparel. Products are available in over 5000 retail outlets and more than twenty countries worldwide. 2011 revenues totaled 144.2 Million Swiss Francs, or $153.3 million US dollars.

ODLO’s uncompromising culture of excellence in its products is reflected in its sourcing structure and practices. As part of its strategy to grow its market leadership, the company implemented global supply chain management software supplied by Setlog over the past twelve months. During the initial five-month project phase, ninety percent of the European and Asian suppliers as well as logistics service providers were linked on Setlog’s Internet-based OSCA platform during a short two week period. Not only were all supply chain partners involved in optimizing both delivery scheduling and communication, but ODLO also focused internally on optimizing capacity utilization of each loading unit, standardizing the generation of SSCC-labels, and real-time synchronization between delivery and sales data.

Setlog’s cloud-based OSCA provided ODLO with a single, comprehensive, worldwide platform to achieve the transparency necessary to establish critical milestones that accelerate the decision-making process and expose exceptions for immediate resolution. Production benchmarks and deadlines are visible to suppliers for capacity and production alignment and advanced delivery commitment. Beginning with the earliest phases in planning, Setlog’s OSCA monitors scheduled delivery against actual delivery deadlines. When a specified delivery date for an order is at risk, the Setlog system automatically alerts all specified users of the need for collaborative action.

When packing an order at the factory, suppliers use the Setlog’s system to create the appropriate SSCC-carton labels. This provides ODLO with prior notice of styles, colors and sizes by carton before the items are shipped. Using a Setlog module to simulate individual shipments, containers and truck loading are rationalized for optimum handling and minimum cost. ODLO’s throughput times from receipt of goods to shipment to its customers are expedited. Because Setlog’s OSCA also enables ODLO to calculate exact daily capital requirements and utilize detailed supply and transportation planning to realize superior cash management.

“The incredible amount of detailed information provided automatically by Setlog’s OSCA allows us to access analyses with the click of a button. In the past considerable resources had to be invested in the process merely to prepare the data,” Urs Wittausch, Head of Sourcing, Production & Logistics said.

“Working together with Setlog as a team has been an extremely efficient and professional experience,” Frank Warbruck, Head of Information Management commented enthusiastically. ”I have yet to experience a go-live like this one that works like a charm.”

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