Home Press release Optimize your processes with the TEX-DEFINE™ Server PI – or more simply the “Watcher”

Optimize your processes with the TEX-DEFINE™ Server PI – or more simply the “Watcher”


Koppermann presents the new TEX-DEFINE™ Watcher, the smart software agent for a real boost to processes. The TEX-DEFINE™ Watcher was developed to help customers achieve greater efficiency in their everyday work: With faster work routines, a gain in time and resources, and effective reporting and controlling.

How does it work? The TEX-DEFINE™ Watcher takes over the continuous monitoring of one or more folders in the database to identify changed objects; it automatically controls further processes in response. The smart agent independently recognizes any event classified as relevant and subsequently carries out a corresponding action. Customers make their own decision as to which processes should be monitored and which events should be classified.

The new TEX-DEFINE™ Watcher provides a lot of attractive advantages in this process. It works as an “attentive helper” to assist the PDM/PLM system and thus product development. It observes, detects and responds with a follow-up action. Once the initialized action has been completed, it informs the user or users completely automatically and includes a detailed report.

The smart agent is also the ideal software add-on for the archiving of data.

Example actions:

The user changes the model: The Watcher recognizes the change within a few seconds and transfers this model to the ERP system. It is then immediately available.
CONCLUSION: The data in the ERP system are always current.

The user changes a model, clicks on save and can then continue work immediately.
CONCLUSION: Saves time which can be utilized better.

A further highlight of the TEX-DEFINE™ Watcher is that it is not restricted to just one action. It monitors all the care-intensive and critical steps identified by the customer. The result is a status which is always more focused and up-to-date with respect to the creative development process of a collection.

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