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OptiTex application brings companies their fashion lines online, in 3D


(PETACH-TIKVA, ISRAEL, DECEMBER 22, 2010) OptiTex, the leading 2D/3D CAD Software Company is using its 3D simulation, 3D visualization and fitting tools to help leverage companies current e-commerce solutions and to enhance online marketing campaigns.

OptiTex’s latest application, 3D Virtual Clothing, allows retailers and online shopping sites to model their fashion online with a 3D avatar. The 3D Virtual Clothing demo site was created for customers to visualize what they can do with their own clothing lines. Companies can view the functionality of this application by visiting the site and testing the 3D service. In this demo, the male, female and kid avatars model mix and match styles of dresses, woven shirts, skirts, tights and more. Although much of the OptiTex program is available for use now, additions to the program such as live draping and High Quality Rendering capabilities are expected in the upcoming months.

Two websites currently using OptiTex’s 3D simulations online are SPOOM clothing brand and I Saw It First clothing. The simulations and animations were created by OptiTex Content Creation department. Other customers already using OptiTex 3D online are: Brides.com, masskon.de, Muta Sport site.

“We are positive that the clear advantages OptiTex provides vs. other existing non 3D options will convince more sites to implement OptiTex 3D visualization in their sites.” OptiTex CEO, Mr. Ran Machtinger. “3D is breaking new ground on how one presents their fashions online.”

Customers have already been using OptiTex technology over the web for 3D visualization, Design, Fitting, Pre-Production and online sales. By providing advanced 3D technology and by giving customers the ability to create “virtual apparel” online, OptiTex provides companies with yet another distinctly creative venue for exhibiting their fashion online.

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