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Optitex Unveils “OPTITEX CREATIVE” – Intuitive, versatile, and pattern-trusted 3D design software


With “OPTITEX CREATIVE,” Optitex provides a unique tool to ignite and power designers’ creativity, supported by true interoperability between design, development and production

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 14, 2021 – Optitex®, a global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion & apparel, automotive, upholstery and bag industries, today unveiled its new tool for fashion designers, “OPTITEX CREATIVE”. A revolutionary 3D-based design software, OPTITEX CREATIVE enables fashion designers to instantly realize their creative vision without any knowledge of patternmaking.

Developed in collaboration with leading retailers, OPTITEX CREATIVE gives fashion designers free creative reign to instantly bring their creative vision to life in a smart, intuitive and reliable work environment. Designers can now create directly in 3D, generate exciting visuals, prepare for design reviews, and showcase their creations in e-commerce and social media.

In OPTITEX CREATIVE’s environment, users can leverage all the benefits of 3D simulation by using 3D editing tools made especially for fashion designers. Style changes, colors and prints – all can be quickly and easily done, on Mac or PC, without requiring any patternmaking knowledge. In just minutes, a variety of true-to-life styles can be created, freeing up time to be even more creative, ensuring that only the very best designs are selected.

By deploying the same assets between design and product development teams, OPTITEX CREATIVE enables seamless, fully synchronized workflows to generate 3D designs that are quickly and reliably transformed into patterns and blocks. This in turn, significantly shortens design-development workflows, allowing designers to make quick adoption decisions, and trust that their designs are pattern-proven.

OPTITEX CREATIVE’s current focus is Athleisure wear, with more clothing categories to be added in the months to come.

Amir Lehr, CEO of Optitex, commented, “We developed OPTITEX CREATIVE in recognition of the need for fast prototyping and creating appealing visuals for e-commerce and social media, while producing them exactly as shown. With OPTITEX CREATIVE, we see a unique opportunity for designers and other stakeholders to break silos and tightly work together to boost the entire design-to-production process.” Lehr added, “OPTITEX CREATIVE is further testament to how we consistently help our customers to create, innovate and evolve, now with the benefits of a true production-trusted 3D design software.”

OPTITEX CREATIVE will be introduced to the public for the first time at 3D TECH Festival, Sept 22, 2021, 11:05 am ET / 05:05 pm CET. Reserve your seat today!

For details about OPTITEX CREATIVE, contact an Optitex representative in your region.

About Optitex

Optitex is a global software provider of integrated 2D-3D computer-aided design (CAD) solutions for fashion & apparel, automotive, upholstery and industrial fabrics. Our solutions digitally streamline design, development and production throughout the supply chain, enabling efficient workflows and quick response to market demands. Optitex offers brands, retailers and manufacturers a one-vendor solution for delivering high-quality products on demand and on budget. Backed by over three decades of experience and a growing base of 30,000 users, our innovative solutions are highly accurate, sustainable and cost-effective. To learn more about Optitex, visit www.optitex.com.

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