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Palila uses Fashion For Globe marketplace to launch Womens collection


Palila, a private label by Royal Handicraft, Requires Real-time Fresh Designs to Sustain Global Growth

New York, NY – June 16, 2015 – Fashion For Globe, driving a new era in Fashion design and product development, today announced that Palila has successfully finished creating private label collection using Fashion For Globe marketplace. Fashion For Globe is an online global crowd sourcing marketplace & community of designers, product developers, and fashion process folks all able to interact via the platform. Palila is set to conquer conscious consumer Womens market with Organic, ethically sourced and produced garments. Palila is aggressively looking to expanding globally and evolving the brand by adding new fashion items to existing lines and creating entirely new fashion lines.

“It is exciting to have one of our brands come from San Francisco and bring fresh ideas to the market. We built Fashion for Globe to help our clients to reduce concept-to-market time from traditional 5 months to 2 months with more than 50% cost savings. This prestigious Womenswear brand will be utilizing our marketplace to tap into UNIQUE and competitive designs for the brand.  Additionally, they will use our consulting group’s services to create new collections,” states Girish Siddappa, CEO & Founder of Fashion For Globe. Siddappa continues, “I’m thrilled to be able to see the shift that technology can bring to the fashion world, where every designer can promote their talents no matter where they reside and brands can have access to this talent without leaving their desks.”

“In our search for the best solution, we were excited to discover Fashion For Globe.  It answers all our needs for global growth of the brand from cultural designers in every country to finding the next hot item to enhance our brand,” stated Sudip Sharma, CEO of Palila. Sharma continues, “Using Fashion For Globe platform, I have access to highly talented Designers, product developers that I could not have hired myself and it puts me at the same level of playing field as other established brands. The system is easy to use and helped me to bring my collection quicker to market and at a fraction of the traditional cost. I would highly recommend this platform to other emerging brands, private labels and SMBs”.

Each garment from this collection will also have a QR code, when scanned with a smart phone, will enable consumers to learn about the journey of the product, from concept to finished product. Each step of the journey will pictorially explain behind-the-scene details educating the consumer and help connect with the product.

Fashion For Globe’s intuitive cloud-based platform provides advanced matching tools and proprietary search algorithms to connect you with 3,000+ designers, 10,000+ readymade designs, on-trend color palettes and ready-to-go tech packs from designers and artisans in over 150 countries.

About Fashion For Globe

Fashion For Globe is driving a new era in design and product development through crowd sourcing a global community of creatives.  Its ground breaking cloud based platform is transforming the way retailers/Brands and manufacturers achieve brand differentiation and identify and produce must-have items. The fashion industry can now instantly connect with 3,000+ designers and artisans in over 150 countries for access to emerging trends and instantly capture the world pulse. Visit us at fashionforglobe.com, follow us on Twitter at @fashionforglobe, like us on Facebook and visit our LinkedIn page.

About Palila

Palila is the private label from Royal Handicrafts, established and successful company in San Francisco area. The brain child of Sudip Sharma, Senior executive at Royal handicraft, Palila is set to change the way consumers look at Organic, ethically sourced/manufactured products. Mr. Sharma was highly concerned about the steps and process involved in traditional product manufacturing and wanted to take corrective steps to protect environment, provide jobs to Artisanal women in Nepal and provide a great product to consumers at an affordable price. Palila has been getting an overwhelming response to new collection.

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