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Part Two: This is Not Your Grandfather’s PDM Solution…


Zweave logoLaura McCann-Ramsey, Zweave Inc’s CEO & Founder looks at Service as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service

The answer is yes and it’s called Software as Service (SaaS), or software On-demand. The SaaS movement is new and being driven by multiple forces. Organizations of all sizes are fed up with the frustrations associated with traditional, on-site software. At a time when everyone in the supply chain must operate more efficiently in order to contend with escalating competitive pressures and tighter budgets, most organizations are no longer willing to tolerate the extended deployment cycles, ongoing administrative hassles, higher-than-expected operating costs, and lower-than-expected ROI of legacy applications. Let’s face it, organizations must focus on their core competency and outsource those functions that are not core to their business.

Apparel PLM SaaS or On-Demand providers are a new breed and have only recently introduced their products to the apparel industry. Apparel SaaS PLM providers don’t provide ‘products’ in the typical software sense of the word, i.e. they don’t sell their customers a software package, a CD or a download. What they do sell is access to their web-based software and the services associated with supporting it. In the on-demand model the Apparel PLM software vendor offers access to the application and support services for an ongoing subscription fee. This includes the hosting facility; the associated hardware and software; and all personnel required to deliver development, deployment, and support services. Your software is constantly being monitored, enhanced with new features, improved, and upgraded. And believe it or not, these costs are all included in your yearly or monthly subscription fee. The On-Demand Apparel PLM model for software and service delivery is beneficial to your organization and should be considered for the following reasons:

– Offers Apparel specific features such as portfolio and Bill of material management.

– Manages apparel specific data like color, fit, materials and tech packs.

– Minimal technical involvement since they manage hosting and hardware.

– Flexible pricing and programs to start small, test and grow.

– No need for upgrades since they are part of your subscription contract.

– Allows you to plan your budget with no hidden costs.

– Deploys rapidly usually within weeks or months not years.

– Lowers your cost of ownership from millions to thousands.

– Scales from one to 100’s of users.

Find out more about other PDM and PLM implementations. Learn from them what is working and what is not. Change your destiny by taking matters in your own hands and begin to explore how On-demand apparel PLM providers can support you and your business in staying on time and on trend in a business where it matters most. In surveys, SaaS satisfaction levels far exceed those for traditional on-premise software. Therefore, the most important takeaway is that SaaS is delivering measurable results and tangible business benefits. As a result, it is generating and deserves serious consideration by organizations of all sizes including yours.

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