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Patagonia to Share Vendor Collaboration Process in Oct. 16 Webinar


LAS VEGAS — October 9, 2013 — Patagonia, a leading outdoor brand, along with FastFit360, a leading cloud communication provider, will participate in a live webinar 10AM EST on October 16 to discuss the use of cloud technology to speed product development reduce waste, innovate with analytics and collaborate more effectively with global vendors.

To participate in this free, one-hour webinar, “8 Secrets to Leverage Social Business for Fast Fashion,” sign up now at http://www.fastfit360.com/events/ or visit the event organizer’s website at http://www.just-style.com.

During the webinar, Valerie Arnold, director of business operations, Patagonia, will share how the outdoor brand is leveraging “social business” for enhanced factory collaboration and improved efficiency though reduced prototyping and shorter development timelines. Social business refers to how apparel brands are sharing and communicating about fashion workflow in a highly visual, social media-type environment. With FastFit360, all communications about revisions occur digitally until the sample is approved to be shipped. This process which will covered in the webinar is called e-sampling.

The event will provide actionable tips for apparel brands and retailers who want to speed cycle time. Information will be relevant for designers, technical designers, product developers, and sourcing and QA/QC professionals.

In addition to Arnold, the webinar will feature insights from Roxy Starr, executive vice president, design and development, FastFit360, provider of the technology used by Patagonia. Starr will describe FastFit360’s e-sample® technology and demonstrate how robust, real-time analytics can be used to rate vendor performance and to secure a clearer picture of corporate outcomes against core metrics, such as cycle time per sample, by vendor and style.

For more information, visit http://www.FastFit360.com, e-mail contact(at)fastfit360(dot)com or call US +1-702-997-1820.

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