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Patternworks releases affordable PLM for Fashion and Apparel


Boasting incredibly powerful features alongside an affordable price tag, StyleFile is revolutionizing value for product lifecycle management in the apparel industry

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA (JANUARY 14, 2010) The apparel industry will never be the same. Stylefile by Patternworks is the latest, most powerful product lifecycle management software on the market and it has just been made available to the public.

Boasting an arsenal of never-before seen features such as voice technology and report customization, StyleFile will assist apparel companies in streamlining their entire apparel development process, even throughout the production phase. The StyleFile Software is grounded on helping clothing designers realize that Organization+Creativity + Productivity = Profit.

“As one of the leading pattern services on the West Coast, we have seen companies spend up to double the amount necessary on style development, largely  due to lack of organization,” said Humberto Ortiz, Chief Financial Officer of Patternworks. “Everyone knows the importance of PLM software, but most are apprehensive to purchase the software due to cost. A lot of companies are blown away when they see exactly how much functionality StyleFile includes in such a low price. The cost of a LE license is roughly the same as it costs to develop a single style-how can anyone afford to not at least take a look?”

Being the premier Product Lifecycle Management Software solution, StyleFile hosts a substantial amount of extra features such as; voice entry capabilities, web access modules, internal networks messaging, customized reports, and more.

SytleFile’s unique PLM software helps small start-ups to large apparel companies overcome the chaos and disorganization of the apparel industry. This is achieved using built in processes and industry accepted standards to provide a fast, easy and seamless path between design and production.

StyleFile is affordably priced at $2395.00 for the full-featured package, which includes a full license of the product, 30 days of technical support, unlimited updates and more (http://www.pwstylefile.com). The LE version is available for $699.00 with a free, no obligation 30-day trial, making it an excellent, affordable for a wide range of users; solution for students, start-up apparel companies, small to medium size companies.

About Patternworks, Inc.

With innovative, updated technology, a wealth of industry experience and a focus on customer service, Patternworks, Inc. has become one of the leading computer pattern services on the West Coast. Complete understandings of both garment designs and manufacturing enable us to provide a broad range of services including pattern design, grading, marking, prototype sewing and detailed technical packages. For more information visit: http://www.patternworksinc.com

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