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PDP Announces Further Recruitment Expansion


(MANCHESTER, UK, 25th JULY 2011) The Product Development Partnership (“PDP”) today announced further expansion of their UK-based team in line with growing demand for consultancy, implementation management and development services.

Junior Consultants John Jobson and Stephanie Cook join PDP Applications Engineers.  Together, they will help insure PDP’s reputation as world leader’s in PLM consultancy for the retail, footwear and apparel industry, as well as driving the development of the group’s innovative software and services.

Managing Director of PDP, Mark Harrop, says:

“We believe that good people are as important as good software.  Our absolute focus has always been on assisting our clients in achieving maximum return on their investments – be it in technology, software or personnel. It reflects our own growth and the phenomenal growth of the industry as a whole that we are able to recruit new talent.  It is an exciting time for us, and I am sure that Stephanie and John will allow us to maintain and develop the services, ethics and expertise for which we are known.”

John has extensive experience of core programming dynamics and the design of interactive systems.  With a good grounding in logic and discrete mathematics, John will focus on the architecture of internal systems, as well as working on new and innovative software development opportunities within the PDP group.

Stephanie’s background takes in everything from Java and object-oriented programming (in a wide variety of languages and environments) to development for the web.  She has a strong base of experience and education in logic and mathematics, and will focus on the development of the company’s core products and services.

About PDP

The Product Development Partnership provides expert consultation services to companies in the retail, footwear and apparel industries who are looking to implement new software or enhance their existing product lifecycle management (“PLM”). With several decades’ combined experience, a unique skill set and global expertise running the gamut from design to delivery, its services are informed, proven and completely impartial.

Find out more at www.pdplimited.com

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