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PDP Group – Q1 2011 Review


We are now coming to the end of the first quarter of 2011 and we thought it would be a good time to recap on the WhichPLM/PDP group, the progress that we have made during the start of this year and see what is coming in Q2.

Product Development Partnership Limited is now almost three and half years old and year on year, we have continued to provide valuable and respected consultancy to the retail, footwear and apparel industries underpinned by an internationally regarded professional service. Our mission has always been to be regarded as the most knowledgeable product development consultants in the world and continue to cement our place as thought leaders within the retail, footwear and apparel industry, and 2011 looks set to continue building on this mission.

This month sees the completion of two successful apparel PLM implementation projects, both finishing ahead of budget and to very positive stakeholder acclaim. Furthermore we are in the stages of resource planning for another 5 projects based in UK, Africa, Northern Europe and Australasia all expecting to commence in Q2/Q3 which for PDP is a fantastic start to our year. Following on from the re-style of WhichPLM, Q2 will also see PDP receive a brand new website with far more information on our consultancy services and our current projects.

WhichPLM is equally busy this quarter with regular readers noticing the complete overhaul of our web presence.  A far more streamlined appearance, comprehensive and categorised data resources, full integration with social networking channels and a wealth of independent advice support our status as being the number one online resource for retail, footwear and apparel PLM resources.  Alongside the site re-design we completed our 13th independent PLM solution benchmark, introduced the element of verified solutions so that consumers really know the truth about the systems in our market and also made WhichPLM available in over 50 different languages around the world. Not letting our online team take their well-earned holidays just yet, by the end of this quarter, WhichPLM will also see the launch of the first online independent PLM comparison engine allowing potential PLM adopters an invaluable system to see which vendors and solutions match their PLM requirements ‘on the fly’. Our motivation has always been the PLM consumer and our value has always been our independence and this quarter has really allowed us to make the most out of these foundations.

Before the end of this period, another of our sister companies Vector Vogue will also launch the first version of our in-house developed apparel design application ‘Verve Sketch’ (previously Vector Sketch). As many regular readers will know, Verve Sketch is a multi-platform standalone application specifically aimed at apparel designers, providing them an online library of over 10,000 vector drawn product styles and components all industrialised and consistent to standardised avatars. With an online database that is continually growing month by month, designers have the foundations to allow them to do what they do best, creative design. The next core version is already is development for Q2 and this will see further value added functionality including the inclusion of online reference data such as multi-lingual construction terms and points of measure libraries, which when combined with the functionality of Verve Sketch will be a key application to deliver parts based visual costing and a huge reduction in sampling.

The last (and the youngest) sister company from the group, Which Executive Search has continued to grow and expand and before the end of the quarter will deliver a brand new online recruitment portal specifically for the retail, footwear and apparel industry.  Which Executive Search isn’t interested in following suit with the traditional recruitment companies and their online job boards, instead we have invested significant amount of time looking at user interface, localisation options, user requirements (from both an employer and employee point of view) and the possibilities provided by the internet today and tomorrow. The new site will utilise YouTube, Google Maps, online web-conferencing, multi-lingual translation and a bespoke instant messaging service (to name just a few of the technologies used) making it one of the most informative and functional recruitment resources on the internet today across all markets, with the added advantage being that it only serves the retail, footwear and apparel industry.

On reflection of this quarter, there are three underlying messages:

  1. the retail footwear and apparel PLM industry is growing and very buoyant;
  2. there is a huge demand for reliable and valued consultants who are known for their unmatched experience within this sector; and
  3. … 2011 is going to be one of our busiest years to date!
Rob Smith Rob Smith is a contributor to WhichPLM. He previously served as Operations Manager to the Product Development Partnership. His expertise range from Fashion/Retail systems to Gaming and his contributions focus on the realities of selecting and implementing PLM and ERP. As a fully qualified commercial solicitor he often writes about the legal and legislative frameworks that affect the way companies in our industry do business. He runs his own consultancy and is editor of a number of iGaming related sites like Return to Player and Lost World Games.