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Piazza Italia sets out for Visual Merchandising innovation with iShopShape


(Haarlem/Netherlands, 14 February 2012) Piazza Italia recently selected iShopShape as the partner of choice for their project to modernize and professionalize the retail planning and Visual Merchandising process. It has been announced during the annual Piazza Italia convention which was held in Naples, Italy. More than 200 people were attending the convention and got presented the first results of the company-wide Mockshop and Styleshoots implementation.

Scope of the project is to improve compliance over all stores in order to obtain uniformity of the store image and product presentation. As a result, costs of guideline production decreased and store quality improved significantly.

The Managing Director of Piazza Italia personally addressed the audience and shared his excitement with the crowd. Piazza Italia is recognized as one of the market leaders in Italian Fast Fashion Retailing. During its presentation the Management pointed out that with the embrace of new technology Piazza Italia can stay ahead in this challenging and competitive market.

Piazza Italia runs MockShop for retail planning and creating perfect Visual Merchandising Guidelines. StyleShoots is key at Piazza Italia for professional image capturing of the total range. High quality images are used in the entire business process as well as in the online environment.  Next on the agenda is improving store compliance with ShopShape, the web and mobile application that streamlines store communication and facilitates store compliance management.

About Piazza Italia

Piazza Italia is established in 1993 and has become one of the most successful businesses in Italian fast fashion.  Delivering fashionable products at affordable prices, Piazza Italia is committed to their customers. The company is managed by three young, technology driven, fashion entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of retail.

Head Quartered in Nola, near Naples, Piazza Italia supports 110 own and operated stores, 35 franchise stores outside of Italy and realizes nett revenue of more than 240 million Euros per year.

 About iShopShape

iShopShape is a global provider of Fashion PLM and retail execution solutions that optimize the processes from design to retail. With its extended product portfolio, iShopShape empowers its customers to effectively develop ranges that perform well using the unique visual technology. Connecting the essential fashion business processes from early design to actual sourcing and producing with web based products often results in shorter lead times and effective merchandise planning. iShopShape’s integrated solutions help customers to make more efficient use of each of their stores and shop-in-shop retail spaces. Leading retail customers of iShopShape are well-known chains including Conpibel, M&S Mode, Sportler, Peek & Cloppenburg, Kaufhof and Lindex. They use iShopShape technology to built ranges and optimize communications with their individual stores and outlets, leading to conversion ratios of up to 30 per cent. Prestigious brand owners like Guess, Marlboro Classics, O’Neill, Adidas, Puma, Garcia, s.Oliver, have been able to streamline their vital business processes with iShopShape resulting in cost effective increase of sales performance.

Further information is available at www.ishopshape.com.



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