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Politecnico di Milano gives students a professional head start with Lectra software solutions


Lectra’s DesignConcept and Diamino solutions form part of the curriculum at the renowned Italian university

Paris, April 7, 2015 – Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials—is pleased to announce that Politecnico di Milano will incorporate DesignConcept,Lectra’s design and product development software, and Diamino®, its marker-making software, into the school’s curriculum. Politecnico’s commitment to research and innovative design, which has enabled it to become one of Europe’s top architecture, design and engineering universities, made Lectra the natural choice to ensure that students and researchers have access to the latest in design tools and techniques.

PolitecnicoThanks to Lectra, students in Politecnico’s master’s degree program in yacht design will develop a thorough understanding of the technical and artistic elements of styling pleasure-craft interiors and management of complex reinforcement materials used during production.

DesignConcept is a comprehensive product development solution, covering the entire process from 2D and 3D design through prototyping to development and manufacturing. “DesignConcept will be a valuable addition to our training program because it enables students to design and generate photorealistic renderings of marine interior furniture, from the wooden structure to the upholstered cover, and quickly modify them. The ability to optimize the aesthetics, feasibility and production costs on-screen is a powerful learning tool,” says Professor Andrea Ratti.

“Working with Lectra’s solutions is also a strategic asset for our students. Few industry professionals have experience working with software that manages both the textile and structural development of marine furniture, so these skills give our students a clear advantage on the labor market,” concludes Professor Ratti.

“We are honored to work with a renowned university like Politecnico di Milano. We are certain that, with the combination of Politecnico’s first-class teaching methods and our advanced design solutions for upholstered interiors, students will gain the most relevant skills and knowledge for success in today’s yacht building industry,” says Céline Choussy Bedouet, Marketing Director for Automotive and Furniture, Lectra.

About Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano is the largest technical university in Italy, training over 38,000 engineering, architecture, and design students from around the world. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research as well as developing fruitful relationships with the business and manufacturing world. In 2011, the Lecco Innovation Hub, Politecnico’s nautical research laboratory, was created to serve as a national and international research hub for the maritime sector.

For more information, please visit www.polimi.it

About Lectra

Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions that automate, streamline and accelerate product design, development and manufacturing processes for industries using soft materials. Lectra develops the most advanced specialized software and cutting systems and provides associated services to a broad array of markets including fashion (apparel, accessories, footwear), automotive (car seats and interiors, airbags), furniture, as well as a wide variety of other market sectors, such as aeronautical and marine industries, wind power and personal protective equipment. Lectra serves 23,000 customers in more than 100 countries with 1,500 employees and $281 million in 2014 revenues. The company is listed on Euronext.

For more information, please visit www.lectra.com

® Diamino is a registered trademark of Lectra.

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