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Porini PLM submits a new look and new functionalities


 Porini PLM submits a new look and new functionalities

Porini has recently submitted the new version of Visual PLM. As usual, the new release had already been installed months ago to some customers for final testing and production and is now ready to market.There are certainly some truly innovative content.

The user interface has been completely overhauled and is presented as an extension of outlook, thereby benefitting the user, both in daily operations and while learning, a process that is no shorter.But this is just a small aesthetic detail. Indeed, the most interesting aspect is the attention Porini has dedicated to the PLM’s textile functions, especially concerning the creation of new fabric types.

Apparel companies pay increasingly more attention to the choice of fabrics to use and to their features. That is why it is crucial to have the option to use the same datasheet tool for apparel as for developing new cloths. This feature benefits both vertical companies that produce fabrics internally as well as those that must provide their suppliers with precise technical details.

In practice, the process of developing a new fabric is treated like manufacturing an item of clothing, from the earliest stages of creation when there is talk of weft and warp yarns. Different combinations of these components are made even simpler by a new feature like Sampling Management.

The operator selects the design to use, chooses the warp and weft yarns, and with just one click the system quickly reckons the exact cost, weight and composition.

If this management is of strategic value for those in the apparel industry, one can imagine its sheer importance for weavers and textile manufacturers.

In fact, the Porini PLM has already been installed in the research and development labs of many textile companies, where it has brought tangible results and significant reductions in lead times and costs.

Source: Porini

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