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PLM: more than a buzz word in fashion IT: Part Two


Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, Gerber Technology’s Marketing and Communications Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa looks at the apparel industry’s latest buzzword…

Fashionable solutions

Fashion Lifecycle Management™ was built from the beginning with the unique requirements of fashion in mind; Gerber FLM is able to fully manage the user’s individual product lifecycle. Fashion Lifecycle Management consists of three essential layers: Design tools, Product Data Management and Information Collaboration tools. Each layer is comprised of software that provides modular functionality. Users can start with any program and add capabilities as their organization adapts and their needs grow.

This evolutionary architecture protects and extends your software and training investments without massive re-engineering or unforeseen consequences as one expands system capabilities. At the core of the FLM model is the design process itself, “the crown jewels of each fashion company”, stressed Holly Beum, Director Software Product Management at Gerber. That’s where obviously Gerber Technology brings almost 40 years of experience into the game, assuring to exactly meet the requirments of the fashion industry and its various ways to handle the creative part of their work. The Design Tool layer contains the software you use for drawing (such as Adobe Illustrator® or Corel Draw®), pattern development (AccuMark PDS), grading and marking (AccuMark GMS), and three-dimensional prototyping (V-Stitcher).

WebPDM for FLM

The Product Data Management layer captures and catalogs the design layer information for use by all other departments. WebPDM for FLM is the latest evolution of Gerber’s WebPDM, the leading and most proven web-based Product Data Management (PDM) software available for fashion. It provides control of materials, specifications, costing and sourcing requirements, image management, workflow and more. Further more one is enabled to share essential visual details such as precise measurements and three-dimensional graphics to help your team see the finished results with fewer samples and lower costs.

WebPDM for FLM does maintain all component libraries containing technical specifications, color management, multi-dimensional Bill of Material (BOM) and costing. It also manages line assortment and storyboarding images, data and full reporting. For existing users, their latest upgrade of WebPDM automatically enables all the necessary ‘hooks’ for complete FLM integration.

Gerber Technology FLM screen

FLM Request

A unique module that coordinates detail level request and tracking across the supply chain. Users collaborate on all types of requests from multiple vendors, including fit samples, fabric samples, lab dips and trim. Request Tracker provides tracking of any number of attribute fields including airway bill numbers, ship dates, approvals and costs, which can be formula driven. Attributes are configured to the users actual business needs. Also vendors can simultaneously update all information across all styles in a collection or season. Request Tracker offers at-a-glance status of all requests by any configurable field and provides selectable request and attribute security to protect proprietary information among vendors.

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