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PTC and ThingWorx Partners Showcase Industry Leadership in Internet of Things Analytics


PTC Ushers in the Intelligence of Things with Partners Glassbeam and Kalypso

NEEDHAM, Mass. – September 7, 2016 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced an industry initiative to highlight the increasing importance of data collection and analysis in today’s Internet of Things strategies. To promote awareness and thought leadership around IoT analytics, PTC will host a series of webcasts throughout September and October, including ones with ThingWorx partner Glassbeam and PTC ServiceAdvantage, and ThingWorx partner Kalypso. PTC intends also to make available to the industry a series of thought-leadership materials on how to get started with and, ultimately, derive ongoing value from an analytics operation. This initiative comes at a time when there is great potential to capitalize on the intelligence of connected productsand operations. The full calendar of IoT analytics webcasts is available on ThingWorx.com.

The promise of the Internet of Things is based on the collection and analysis of data – and translating that data into business value. Connected products, services, and systems now emit billions of operational and situational data points that, when harnessed and interpreted correctly, enable a company to optimize its products, enhance product performance, improve customer satisfaction, and save valuable time and money. The challenge is that many companies – even the ones that are aggressively pursuing an IoT strategy – either don’t understand how to get started with analytics or don’t know how to turn the data from connected products into actionable intelligence.

PTC has built out a robust and diversified ThingWorx® IoT platform partner ecosystem to address the core challenges and opportunities that the IoT presents, including data analytics. These partners use ThingWorx as the IoT platform on which they build IoT solutions for their customers. PTC is collaborating with two leading partners – Glassbeam and Kalypso – to help companies understand how they can explore, adopt, and optimize analytics capabilities as they seek to transform their businesses through the IoT. PTC will host a series of webcasts, including ones with Glassbeam and Kalypso, and co-produce thought-leadership materials to explain and demonstrate best practices in analytics. The webcast schedule is as follows*:

  • Tips for Starting Small While Building Your Business Case for IoT: September 23, 2016
  • How Retailers Gain Actionable Insights from Data: September 27, 2016
  • How Partnerships Are Changing the Face of Analytics: October 11, 2016
  • Examining an Edge Analytics Strategy: October 19, 2016

“Analytics is one of the most compelling components of an Internet of Things strategy, but understanding how to develop and implement an analytics strategy can often be a complex, sophisticated process,” said Andrew Timm, chief technology officer, PTC. “ThingWorx Analytics enables customers to vastly lower the barrier to entry to analytics and empowers them to turn their connected product data into meaningful insights that translate to business value.”

PTC offers one of the most comprehensive IoT analytics platforms through ThingWorx Analytics, which was designed to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data analysis, while making it easy to add sophisticated analytics to ThingWorx-powered solutions. Through ThingWorx Analytics, PTC offers machine learning capabilities that enable data-driven predictions, recommendations, and prescriptions for connected products, services, and operations. ThingWorx Analytics minimizes the complexity of an analytics operation by enabling customers to put meaningful data into the hands of those who can use it to inform business, product, and operational decisions.

*Final webcast dates and times are subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule information, please refer to https://www.thingworx.com/about/events/.

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PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) is a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service the “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s next-generation ThingWorx® technology platform gives developers the tools they need to capture, analyze, and capitalize on the vast amounts of data being generated by smart, connected products and systems. The company’s field-proven solutions are deployed in more than 26,000 businesses worldwide to generate a product or service advantage. PTC’s award-winning CEO, considered an industry thought leader, co-authored the definitive guides to the impact of the IoT on business in the Harvard Business Review.

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