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PTC Donates Industry-Leading FlexPLM® Software to Help Students Design Their Futures!


Students in the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles (AMDT) at Washington State University (WSU) will now have access to the most widely used product lifecycle management (PLM) software in the retail, fashion, footwear, and apparel industries.

PTC is contributing more than $1 million worth of its FlexPLM software to the AMDT program, which will allow students to build career skills by mastering the same technology used by iconic brands and retailers to design and develop products.

“We’re delighted to partner with PTC and excited about including its FlexPLM solution in our curriculum,” said Ting Chi, chair of AMDT, WSU. “This will make the learning process more tangible and industry-relevant for our students. They won’t just be learning concepts; they’ll be getting a holistic, practical education that allows them to learn the art of designing and developing products, as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the entire supply chain by the time they graduate.”

The department will begin implementing FlexPLM software in the Spring 2021 semester. PTC’s Services Partner ITC Infotech is supporting WSU’s launch of the software, leveraging PTC’s Value Ready Deployment (VRD) profile to streamline the implementation process and ensure that managed information, such as product, material, color, and specification definitions, are consistent with the retail industry.

ITC looks at the current engagement as an opportunity to combine its years of expertise in Retail PLM with WSU’s rich industry perspective to help create a unique learning experience for budding Retail professionals.

“We look forward to working together with WSU and PTC to extend the depth of the curriculum by using PLM and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and AR/VR,” said Yadvinder Changotra, Vice President, ITC Infotech.

“Our eventual goal is to integrate FlexPLM into as many classes in the curriculum as possible, from 100-level courses to 400-level,” Chi said. “One day, graduating seniors will have produced a product lifecycle portfolio of all their work that they can show to prospective employers.”

Speaking about the donation, Bill Brewster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit added: “We often hear from people in the Retail industry saying they wish they had access to our PLM software when they were in school. By allowing students to use our software, it makes them more ready-to-work for the industry, provides them with vital hands-on experience, and helps them to gain the digital skills needed for a successful career in fashion and retail.”

Once the program is fully up and running at WSU, Chi said he thinks it will showcase the value of a WSU AMDT education. “When students see this industry-relevant curriculum, we know that it will lead to more interest, and more students, in our program,” Chi said. “And we’ve talked to many brands and retailers that are thrilled our students will have this experience coming out of school. Employers won’t need to spend extra time and resources training them, they’ll be more job-ready on day one.”

About PTC Retail

PTC leads the PLM industry for retail, footwear and apparel. Since introducing the world’s first fully-web-based PLM solution, we have become a trusted PLM partner to over 150 iconic apparel, footwear, fashion, and retail customers and more than 1,000 brands that use our FlexPLM platform to create amazing products. Today, in excess of 211,000 people use PTC FlexPLM on a daily basis – with more than 50,000 of them in the global supply chain. We support them with a worldwide army of dedicated retail specialists, on the ground in every major fashion hub.






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