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PTC Download: Leveraging PLM to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement


Download your copy of PTC’s Connected PLM Series, part 3: “Leveraging PLM to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement”.

Connected consumers demand a new retail store experience. They’re scanning their options 24/7. Using mobile and social apps to shop. But they still love to visit stores. How can retailers reach today’s consumer and optimize the in-store experience?

Connected PLM and the Internet of Things (IoT) can help. McKinsey estimates IoT will have a retail economic impact of between $410 billion and $1.2 trillion by 2025, stemming from revenue increases, a better customer experience and supply chain optimization and cost savings.

What should fashion, apparel and consumer products retailers do to reinvent their stores and win over more shoppers?

This report explains how they can benefit from integrated PLM and IoT platforms. This integration provides a seamless bridge for retailers to easily connect different devices (such as RFID readers, beacons and mobile devices), systems (such as PLM, ERP and POS) and external data (such as social media feeds and online product reviews). Experts from WhichPLM, Kalypso and IDC Retail Insights share how it all comes together for stronger consumer engagement.

Key highlights include:

  • Ways to engage store shoppers with interactive product information and experiences such as smart dressing rooms
  • How to harness IoT to capture and act on real-time store activity
  • Tips for enhancing personalized customer service

To download your copy please click here.

And if you missed part 1 of this series you can download it here; and part 2 can be downloaded here

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