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PTC Introduces Vuforia Studio Enterprise to Democratize Augmented Reality Development


NEEDHAM, Mass. – LiveWorx 2016 – June 7, 2016 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced at LiveWorx 2016 the availability of Vuforia™ Studio Enterprise – a powerful new tool for authoring and publishing augmented reality (AR) experiences for the enterprise.  Originally announced as Project ThingX, Vuforia Studio Enterprise is seamlessly integrated with PTC’s Creo® 3D CAD visualization and illustration software and ThingWorx® Internet of Things (IoT) platform to quickly and easily add an augmented reality component to connected ‘things‘– from manufacturing and factory equipment to solar panels and medical devices. Vuforia Studio is now available as part of the Vuforia Studio Pilot Program.

“Vuforia Studio Enterprise ushers in the era of augmented reality for the enterprise by delivering a set of components that allows practically anyone to create an augmented experience, with no coding knowledge required,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “By integrating 3D CAD data from tools like Creo and IoT data from ThingWorx, Vuforia Studio allows organizations to easily develop augmented reality experiences that enable enterprises to better create, operate, and service their connected products.”

Augmented reality is one of the fastest growing technology segments in the enterprise.  However, its adoption is hindered by a lack of tools for content authors that can leverage existing 3D assets. Vuforia Studio addresses this challenge and enables development of new experiences for creating, operating, and servicing connected products. Vuforia Studio provides all of the components that are needed to make it simple for any solution builder to develop an augmented reality experience, without requiring deep programming knowledge or expertise in augmented reality technology.

Vuforia Studio democratizes augmented reality in the enterprise by allowing companies to use existing 3D assets from PTC’s industry-leading Creo 3D CAD software, as well as other popular 3D modeling tools. Vuforia Studio allows that data to be combined with easy-to-create animations and sequences, as well as a product’s IoT sensor data – such as temperature and operating speed – through ThingWorx. This information is integrated through a suite of technology components that simplifies the development of augmented reality experiences, which include:

  • Vuforia Studio Enterprise – Vuforia Studio Enterprise provides an easy-to-use interface for codeless authoring and publishing of AR experiences. Experiences can incorporate 3D CAD data and ThingWorx-powered IoT data, and are associated with a ThingMark™ custom-built image that uniquely identifies an object or product.
  • Vuforia Experience Service – Once experiences are created with Vuforia Studio, they can be published to the cloud-based Vuforia Experience Service with just a few clicks. Any number of experiences can be created, providing a scalable solution for enterprise-wide AR deployments.
  • Vuforia View Enterprise – Vuforia View Enterprise is a single app that scans ThingMarks and prompts the user to select an associated experience.  Once selected, the experience is downloaded and launched.

“PTC is poised to capitalize on the immense potential of augmented reality in the enterprise with Vuforia Studio Enterprise,” said Vernon Turner, VP and Fellow, IoT, IDC. “The applications for augmented reality in the enterprise are practically limitless, and a powerful tool like Vuforia Studio that combines augmented reality, Internet of Things services, and 3D modeling will register as a standout option as organizations build out their augmented reality strategies.”


PTC announced at LiveWorx the Vuforia Studio Pilot Program, available to customers interested in adopting Vuforia Studio. General availability for Vuforia Studio will be announced later this year. To join the Vuforia Studio Pilot Program, please contact a PTC sales representative by clicking here.

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