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Revisiting Technia’s PLM Innovation Forum 2011


Held on the 21 September at Stockholm’s Modern Museum, Technia’s annual PLM Innovation Forum was comprehensive and well-attended.  The overall theme of the event was “Revolutionizing the way you bring products to market”, and Technia CEO Jonas Gejer had the following to say:

“We knew this would be a great setting for a conference about inspiration, innovation and creativity. Many of the artists here share[d] the same out of the box, free-thinking mindset that the world’s great entrepreneurs and innovators have had.”

The company has now created an entire site designed to allow delegates (and those who were unable to attend) to “relive the inspiration” that resulted from the meeting of more than 350 PLM experts, CIOs and other industry figures at the event.  As the audience photographs demonstrate, each speaker was presenting to a packed house!

Of the fully-featured follow-up site, Gejer said: “I am certain this rubbed off in our rich array of presentations and break out sessions during the day, and that, now home, you are all fired up to bring even more clarity and creative solutions to all your business systems.”


Some of the key discussions of the day included: Can PLM help manage product structures and components? Can PLM cut costs and shorten time to market? Can PLM enforce regulatory compliance and certifications? Can PLM shorten the process of component reuse and meet product launch dates?

Our own Managing Director, Mark Harrop, spoke at a breakout session covering Business & Value, where he delivered an impassioned presentation titled “The Value Of PLM For Fashion And Retail”.  You can download Mark’s presentation from the day here (PDF).

Mark was quoted by Technia explaining the different product development circumstances that dictate the ways in which PLM works across industries as diverse as aerospace and apparel:

Many PLM solutions have their roots in the aerospace and automotive industries – but it takes seven years to build and airplane, as opposed to seven weeks for an item of clothing.”

Presenting alongside Mark at the breakout session were representatives of Dassault Systèmes and NS Solutions, and this session was complemented by equivalents looking at Life Sciences and PLM Experiences.

The main stage saw presentations from high-profile companies like Under Armour and Nokia, and each talk was accompanied by the artwork of Johhny Goldstein (a visual storyteller and a new addition to the format), who used symbolic drawings to illustrate the core concepts and principal ideas put forward by each speaker.

The site also collects photography from the event, the results of the PLM Awards, and a series of short video interviews with some of Technia’s customers.  To discover more about Technia’s PLM Innovation Forum 2011 (and to register your interest in the 2012 event), visit the follow-up site.

All images are the property of Technia AB, with photography by Arne Hyckenberg.

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