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Richard Farb Joins Simparel as Vice President of Sales and Marketing


(NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 10, 2009) Simparel, Inc. has announced that Richard Farb has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Simparel is a technology company that has developed a new generation of ERP solutions that is faster and less expensive than traditional software systems. Simparel offers its global supply chain customers both an Enterprise License solution and Software as a Service (SaaS.)

Farb comes to Simparel with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the advanced technology sector and fashion industry, including serving as CEO of The Edge, a manufacturer of contemporary casual clothing. His experience includes launching new products and creating innovative programs that penetrate new markets. His most recent focus targeted executing product development management and life cycle management initiatives that deliver speed to market to global supply chain organizations.

Mr. Farb reports to Ron Grilli, CEO, and is based in Simparel’s new corporate facilities in New York. Mr. Grilli says: “Richard brings extensive knowledge and experience to our sales and marketing initiatives, and more importantly, he truly understands the needs and challenges of the fashion industry. He easily relates to our target customer’s business needs since he was an owner/operator of a fashion business himself. We are pleased that Richard is now part of the management team of our rapidly growing organization.”

Mr. Farb adds: “I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new venture. Every decade or so a new technology emerges that changes our industry. Simparel is that new technology. Complex fashion-related businesses can now manage their enterprise in a fast, flexible and affordable way.”

About Simparel, Inc.

Simparel, Inc. has developed a new generation enterprise solution that delivers the unique combination of being the simplest, quickest and most affordable global supply chain business solution available today. Simparel’s initial market is fashion-related businesses, including apparel, footwear, accessories, costume jewelry, home furnishings and toys. The Simparel solution is so adaptable that it can expand beyond the apparel and fashion-related businesses into numerous other industries that are characterized by quick market response to ever-changing consumer demands. Established in 2007, Simparel has its corporate offices in New York.

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