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Sampleroom helps Visual2000 turn product development on its head


(MONTREAL, CANADA, FEBRUARY 18, 2010) Montreal-based software developers Visual 2000 have turned to Sampleroom for a visual storyboard tool that could turn the fashion retail product development process on its head.

By adding Sampleroom, from vrSoftware, to their own PLM software product, Visual PLM.netTM, Visual 2000 will enable merchandisers and designers to use visual storyboards at the beginning of product development, not just at the end.

Charles Benoualid, Vice President of Research and Development at Visual 2000, explains the benefits; “We believe that the addition of Sampleroom will help merchandise managers make quicker decisions during the development phase of their product offerings. This is unique in the sense that we are using this at the beginning of the cycle and not at the end. Using Sampleroom’s storyboard, merchandisers and designers can now make informed decisions about products much sooner, even before samples are produced; saving time, effort and money by only developing the products which clearly merchandise well.”

Sampleroom’s visual film roll will enable users such as designers and merchandisers to incorporate simple product sketches or pictures and create professional storyboards. These storyboards can then be used to show merchandise managers what the collection MIGHT look like if they go through with development.

Having signed an agreement with vrSoftware’s North American distributor, Visual Retailing LLC, Visual 2000 can now incorporate Sampleroom within Visual PLM.netTM, and offer merchandisers and designers the kind of visual storyboarding tool the package had been previously missing.

“Our software is recognised as being best-of-breed, but it was missing a dynamic presentation piece,” admits Benoualid. “So when we first saw Sampleroom we quickly realised that this would give Visual PLM.netTM the finishing touch we’d been looking for – the missing piece of our product jigsaw.”

Adopting Sampleroom software is just the beginning of what Visual 2000 hopes will be a strategic business relationship with Visual Retailing LLC. Benoualid sums up “We have really found an ideal partner, whose broad customer base proves to us that they have the right software and user acceptance. Plus, the synergies between our companies will yield greater visibility of both our products.

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