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SEAMS Announces New Executive Director to Fuel Growth


Will Duncan of Will Duncan and Associates Chosen to Lead Organization’s Transformation for US Manufacturing Resurgence and Readiness

Aiken, SC – June 6, 2017 – SEAMS, the National Association, voice and authority for the U.S. Sewn Products Industry for over 50 years recently announced that Will Duncan and Associates (WDA) will assume daily management and operations of the not-for-profit organization. This board level selection of Will Duncan, Founder and CEO of WDA, ensures a “Made in America” vision and growth agenda to better support and empower the textile/apparel manufacturers and their suppliers.

Will Duncan, a known industry leader and a recognized speaker and fashion industry consultant has over 30 years’ experience in management development, process improvement, team-based manufacturing, plant engineering and lean manufacturing. Mr. Duncan was previously Executive Vice President at [TC]² where he managed the consulting practice.

“Today marks a true milestone for SEAMS and an incredible investment in our future,” said Jeremy Wootten, President of SEAMS. “The appointment of Will Duncan and his team to manage this organization and day-to-day operations reinforces our position as the leading association, voice and authority of the U.S. textile/sewn products industry. SEAMS is dedicated to promoting sound economic growth for our members and leading the resurgence of “Made in America” on the world stage.”

“I am honored that the SEAMS Board of Directors chose me to lead this exponential growth initiative,” stated Will Duncan. “We will support this resurging industry through progressive and timely educational programs, dissemination of information on government regulations and legislation impacting the industry, and adding increased value to our members. We will also facilitate benefit and service offerings that enable our members to control costs and achieve business improvements that were never available before now.”

“As a not-for-profit organization, SEAMS constantly endeavors to develop solutions for today’s major industry issues of our member companies, which comprise of contract and brand manufacturers, suppliers of related products and services, and other industry professionals and organizations,” added Mr. Wootten. “SEAMS ability to serve as the major bridge for linking Retailers/Brands to the U.S. manufacturing supplier base is more critical than ever. The connected consumer, direct to consumer and “Made in America” models have changed our industry and we want to support our members to be better prepared to tackle these new initiatives.” 


SEAMS, the National Association for the Sewn Products and Textile Industries, promotes the continued growth of the USA fashion, sewn products and textiles industries through educational programs, networking opportunities, business opportunity matchmaking, industry collaboration and special member benefits packages. SEAMS members comprise textiles providers, contract manufacturers, brands, vertical retailers and their suppliers and service providers to collectively represent the complete concept-to-consumer supply chain. Soft goods industry executives, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs leverage their SEAMS membership to gain new business, stay informed of industry issues and trends, find solutions to productivity and operational challenges, manage costs and increase productivity. For more information, visit us at www.seams.org

About Will Duncan and Associates (WDA)

Will Duncan and Associates is a management and operations consulting firm serving brands, retailers, and manufacturers in the Sewn products industry. Will Duncan and his team of Associates, or WDA are a network of industry experts dedicated to improving companies in the fashion, apparel or sewn products industry. We have a longstanding commitment to support and improve the sewn products industry and the people in it. We guide companies to achieve their goals through services such as: business process optimization, setting up training programs, re-engineering a manufacturing facility or a product line. We provide a full range of consulting services ranging from product development to manufacturing to retail solutions and economic development. For more information, visit us at www.willduncanandassociates.com

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