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Mark Harrop advisory bubbleConsidering a PLM, 3D, or digital transformation project of your own? Struggling to assemble a business case? Facing difficulties in understanding how the right solution can achieve its full potential in your extended enterprise environment?

The WhichPLM Advisory Services team – comprising Mark Harrop and a select group of expert associates – undertakes process analysis, extended- PLM system architecture mapping, master data consolidation and scientific shortlisting and selection projects for major brands in Europe, the United States and Asia. We also support enterprise-wide digital transformations, and have helped to manage investments in 3D and other cutting-edge technologies.

Each of our associates has direct experience of multiple and varied technology implementations, and our services remain unbiased and expertly informed. Our proven methods – born from a marriage of best practices and hands-on experience – have helped to shape the strategies of retailers and brands around the world.

Customer references for the full spectrum of our services are available upon request, but we’ve reproduced a small selection of the companies we’ve worked with below, and you can find their references in our advisory pack (available upon request):

Advisory Quotes

Prospective PLM customers and vendors alike should feel free to complete the below contact form to arrange an informal, no-obligation conversation with Mark Harrop or a designated expert associate, or to request a detailed Advisory Services pack.  A member of the WhichPLM team will respond as quickly as possible, but in the meantime why not click one of the tabs below to discover more about the value of impartial advice in these key areas?

PLM Customer Services:

Project team selection & education

Assembling the right multidisciplinary project team, establishing and maintaining their motivation, and ensuring that they lead by example to create enduring change can make the difference between an effective PLM project and a costly exercise in frustration.  Our advisors have worked with project teams of all shapes, sizes and compositions, and understand the value of factoring each stakeholder’s opinion into the implementation strategy, as well as making sure everyone from the designer to the CEO understands the history, scope, and purpose of PLM.

Strategy, scope & value

Today, almost half of all PLM projects fail to meet their deadlines or budgetary targets.  Many of these difficult projects could have been eased through effective planning, scoping and value analysis, making sure that the retailer or brand in question understood precisely what PLM was (and wasn’t) likely to deliver for them.

Business case analysis

Although your project team may have a well grounded understanding of PLM’s potential value, communicating this to decisions makers can prove difficult, since the process optimisation and collaboration PLM can enable can be difficult to quantify.  Beyond the pure cost and cycle time potential of PLM, our advisors can help your project team to scientifically analyse these “hidden” value opportunities, and make the strongest possible case for your executive team.

Process maturity assessment

Adopting PLM typically means that a retailer or brand is seeking new ways of working – new processes, new approaches, and new ways of thinking that will challenge the status quo and deliver against long-term business goals.  Making these changes of sweeping changes, though, requires the business to understand in exacting detail how things are done today, so that current processes can be compared against established best practices to create what we call a “maturity gap” analysis.

Solution landscape insight & selection

WhichPLM is fiercely impartial and vendor-agnostic, and this ethos extends to our advisory services as well as our online and print editorial.  We believe that the right PLM solution and vendor is the one that’s right for the company, not the one with the most sales or flashiest software.  Our advisors will approach the current PLM landscape from a position of objective expertise, helping your project team to find the right partner for all of their needs.

Solution audits & recommendations

Just like process maturity, it’s important for any business beginning a PLM project to have a complete picture of their current technology environment, in order to better understand how they’d like things to change in their new, integrated, extended PLM environment.  Our advisors understand the full suite of both modern and legacy E-PLM solutions, and our recommendations for consolidation, replacements and upgrades are informed by hands-on experience.

PLM Vendor Services:

Solution & roadmap evaluations; scoring and development

We are often approached by software vendors eager for a thorough evaluation of their system, and on the other side of the coin, by prospective PLM customers eager to obtain exclusive reviews of these very vendors. Knowing the maturity of a supplier’s solution is just as important for a prospective customer as for the suppliers themselves. Our ethical stance shapes the processes we use to evaluate suppliers. A WhichPLM Supplier Evaluation is unlike any other vendor profile, benchmark or review. Our research methods are exhaustive and truly expert, and our conclusions independent, unbiased, and informed by 30 years of hands-on PDM, CPM & PLM experience.

Other Services:

3D customer services

With the explosion of interest we have seen recently from our loyal readers and the market at large in 3D design, sampling and marketing tools – particularly where they integrate with PLM, we now offer services in this area, including:

  • 3D enterprise process evaluation
  • 3D selection & evaluation
  • 3D education services
  • 3D integration services



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