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Singletree Technologies Introduces Intellimas, a Data Management Application for the Enterprise


Singletree Technologies releases Intellimas, a software application which solves the problem of managing disparate spreadsheets throughout the enterprise. With minimal setup Intellimas can handle a variety business functions. Singletree hopes to dramatically improve its customer’s decision making process in areas such as RFQ’s, product costing, quality, production scheduling, and vendor compliance.

(SUMMIT, NJ, 15 MARCH, 2011) Singletree Technologies, an innovative supplier of software to Retailers and Wholesalers in the Fashion Industry, has announced the release of its new software product called “Intellimas”, an application that helps enterprises better manage their data that typically resides in spreadsheets. Singletree has vast experience with configurable, grid-based applications that dramatically improve the user experience. Intellimas follows that tradition and sets the bar even higher.

“By its very nature, a spreadsheet is meant to be an analytical tool, authored by one person to solve a business problem,” said Vincent Candela, President of Singletree Technologies. “Too many of these spreadsheets are being used in place of true applications in the workplace. Spreadsheets are not the best way to collaborate and do not allow for a consistent organizational process. Intellimas can replace most of these spreadsheets with just a minimal amount of configuration. An example of this is apparel product development costing, which is typically done in a massive chart with a variety of formulas. Intellimas can handle this process and improve it substantially by including table driven values, standardized calculations, roll-ups, and standard pivots. Thus Intellimas can serve as a costing system and so much more.”

Intellimas can be used to support many business functions. Examples of these are Product Costing, PO Tracking, Production Planning, Sample Tracking, Product Testing, Vendor Certification, Capacity Planning, MRP, and Quality Auditing. Just about any core function that is done in a spreadsheet can be done in Intellimas. It can also be used to replace functions in core systems that are cumbersome to use.

“Intellimas is a ground-breaking application that blends the best functionality of enterprise software and spreadsheets,” said Shane Walters, CTO of Singletree Technologies. “Our Advanced Entity Engine allows us to easily integrate master data from core systems, such as PLM or ERP applications, into Intellimas and then allow our clients to extend that data with user defined fields. With out of the box support for multi-user updates, business logic scripting, iterative processes, and field-level security, we feel that Intellimas fills a need not being met by any PLM or ERP application.”

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