Home News Singletree Technologies Releases Intellimas 3.0, a Data Management Application for the Enterprise

Singletree Technologies Releases Intellimas 3.0, a Data Management Application for the Enterprise


(SUMMIT, NJ, 14 JUNE 2011) Singletree Technologies, an innovative supplier of software to Retailers and Wholesalers in the Fashion Industry, has announced the latest release of its software product called Intellimas, an application that helps enterprises better manage their data that typically resides in a spreadsheet. The latest version has productivity improvements and allows for easier integration with ERP or Product Life Cycle Management systems. Intellimas has significantly improved the Costing, Tracking, Planning, and Compliance processes of many companies.

“There are many fashion companies who are constrained by rapidly rising prices, so they are looking for a better Costing System to help them quickly evaluate many vendor quotes and costing scenarios.” said Vincent Candela, President of Singletree Technologies. “Many of our customers have used Intellimas to handle their costing and RFQ process throughout the product lifecycle and either eliminated spreadsheets or worked around a cumbersome process in their PLM system. With the latest version, we can now easily publish out summarized data and allow other customer systems to subscribe to it.”

Intellimas can be modelled to a client’s specific process. Examples of these processes are Product Costing, PO Tracking, Production Planning, Sample Tracking, Product Testing, Vendor Certification, Capacity Planning, Fabric and Trim Requirements Planning, and Quality Auditing. Just about any core function that is done in a spreadsheet can be done in Intellimas. It can also be used to replace functions in legacy systems that are cumbersome to use.

“Intellimas leverages master data from PLM or ERP systems which eliminates redundant data entry” said Shane Walters, CTO of Singletree Technologies. “We then take that master data and allow you to add user defined fields and calculations to create an unlimited number of entities to handle just about any process. This empowers your business area experts to configure and create grid applications in days instead of the typical 6-12 months to custom develop.”

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