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Singletree Technologies Releases New Features in Intellimas, a Data Management Application for the Enterprise


Singletree Technologies has added a new feature release of Intellimas®, a software application which helps businesses manage critical processes and replace the variety of spreadsheets being used throughout the enterprise. The new release has several new functions that help clients better align Intellimas® to their business process. Singletree expects this new version to provide a more compelling reason for clients to replace inefficient legacy system functionality and off line spreadsheets.

(Summit, NJ, November 30, 2012) Singletree Technologies, an innovative supplier of software to Retailers and Wholesalers in the Fashion Industry, has announced the latest release of its software product called Intellimas®, an application that eliminates inefficient functions in legacy systems and reduces an organization’s dependence on spreadsheets.

The latest version has added master data image retrieval, configurable validation rules, and enhanced scripting. These features will allow Intellimas® to better support business processes such as Product CostingSample Tracking, Vendor Compliance, Product Testing, and Quality Assurance.

“Our clients are very excited about our new Intellimas® release,” said Shane Walters, CTO of Singletree Technologies. “Continuing along with our theme of ultra-configurability, Intellimas® now allows our clients to validate every field, however they wish. It’s features like these that drive our clients to eliminate processes that are managed on aspreadsheet. We have also been very successful in swapping out inefficient functionality in our client’s Product Life Cycle Management systems.”

“This is another example of receiving great feedback from our clients which allows us to deliver a better product”, said Vincent Candela, President of Singletree Technologies. “The new features will help many of our current and future customers more specifically model Intellimas® to how they do business.”

About Singletree Technologies

Founded in 2001, Singletree Technologies, LLC is a software and consulting company that focuses its efforts on streamlining the business processes of Retail and Wholesale companies in the Fashion Industry. Their applications are always created with usability and flexibility in mind. Learn more about Singletree athttp://www.singletreetech.com.

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