Home News Singletree Technologies to Showcase Intellimas™ at Ideation2011, Gerber Technology’s Annual Software Conference

Singletree Technologies to Showcase Intellimas™ at Ideation2011, Gerber Technology’s Annual Software Conference


(SUMMIT, NJ., 20 OCTOBER, 2011) Singletree Technologies, an innovative supplier of software to Retailers and Wholesalers in the Fashion Industry, has announced its sponsorship of Gerber Technology’s software conference called Ideation2011. Singletree will showcase the latest release of its software product Intellimas, a grid based application that helps enterprises better manage data in their Product Life Cycle Management or ERP system. Singletree will show how Intellimas and YuniquePLM can be set up as an integrated solution in order to quickly view and update many items at a time. Product Costing, Tracking, Testing, Quality Auditing, and Compliance solutions will be demoed at the conference.

“Intellimas has that familiar look and feel of a spreadsheet and offers many of the same features that users have come to know and love”, said Vincent Candela, President of Singletree Technologies. “Features such as copying and pasting data across many items, sorting, grouping, filtering, and column visibility are a big part of why Intellimas is adopted by our customers.”

Shane Walters, CTO of Singletree Technologies said, “We are very pleased to be a sponsor of Gerber Technology’s Ideation2011 conference. We have a long history of partnering with Gerber and we are looking forward to showcasing our software and consulting services at the conference.“

About Singletree Technologies
Founded in 2001, Singletree Technologies, LLC is a software and consulting company that focuses its efforts on streamlining the business processes of Retail and Wholesale companies in the Fashion Industry. Their applications are always created with usability and flexibility in mind. Learn more about Singletree at http://www.singletreetech.com.

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