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Size NorthAmerica is on the road!


First sites set up – survey truck starts its tour in February 

Cary, North Carolina / Kaiserslautern, Germany February 9, 2017 The new representative anthropometric serial measurement survey in the United States and Canada is gathering momentum – two sites are now fully ready to scan test persons and a truck designed to function as a mobile measuring station will start its tour through the United States in the next days. 

The “Size NorthAmerica” serial measurement survey has progressed on to full implementation phase. 3D body scanners are already in place and ready to complete scans at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, and Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. In addition to the stationary scanning locations, a trailer equipped with a mobile measuring station will go on tour in February.

Volunteers needed! 

“We start our tour with the survey in February in the Raleigh area and will be on road for about 15 months across the United States,” says Tim Guenzel, Project Manager for Size NorthAmerica at Human Solutions of North America, Inc. “Every man, woman and child between the ages of 6-75 is eligible to participate in the survey. We’re looking for volunteers who are willing to be measured using our state-of-the-art 3D body scanners. The data we collect will be used to develop up-to-date size tables for apparel industry and representing information for the automotive industry.”

The participants are scanned in different postures in suitable underwear. All garments required for the scan will be provided for the participant. The data we obtain will be stored anonymously and then processed to meet the demands of the automotive and apparel industries.

The “Size NorthAmerica” project is the most extensive measurement survey project on the North American continent to date. It is carried out by Human Solutions in collaboration with the Canadian Institute, Vestechpro. During the survey, body measurements, proportions and demographic data of 18,000 men, women and children will be collected.

Why is this survey taking place? 

People change – and precise knowledge of human body shapes is indispensable for the development of vehicles and apparel. The body measurements and proportions of the North American population have changed considerably in recent decades, as has the demographic structure of the USA and Canada. The anthropometric data and standard size tables that are currently available derive from old data and can therefore only help the industry in a limited way. The changes that have occurred within the populations are not addressed and detailed information on specific target groups and market shares is currently not available. Additionally, data about children and young adults is also a major point of focus. There is an extremely limited amount of data available for the age groups from 6 to 17, and current children’s size tables are based off datasets from 1930 to 1970. Size NorthAmerica is set out to remedy this by capturing and documenting the changes of recent years.

Revising sizes systems to match relevant markets 

“This large-scale serial measurement program in the United States and Canada carried out with our project partner Vestechpro will enable us to determine the changes in the body measurements and proportions of the North American population. The data we acquire will be processed to obtain current body dimension statistics, which will meet the demands of the automotive and apparel industries,” says Tim Guenzel. “The Size NorthAmerica survey will give us relevant information for the automotive industry – information that’s instructive in terms of safety, handling and comfort for product development. And, we can soon offer apparel manufacturers the opportunity to assign current body proportions to their company-specific sizes systems – and to optimize the sizes as well.”

Measurement results are integrated into the iSize database 

The results of the Size NorthAmerica survey will be available in a completely new form. The data collected will be integrated into the iSize web portal, allowing quick and convenient access, plus straightforward evaluation and analysis.

Combined expertise for Size NorthAmerica 

The Size NorthAmerica serial measurement survey is being carried out by the Human Solutions Group in collaboration with Vestechpro. Human Solutions has an experienced team of ergonomics and anthropometrical specialists, plus the measuring technology, the necessary hardware and software, the IT infrastructure and almost 20 years of experience in the field of body measurement. This globally-powerful technology has proven itself during large serial measurement surveys in Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China, Spain and many other countries.

More information at: www.sizenorthamerica.com

At a glance: What data is acquired – and how? 

  • More than 100 measurements per person
  • Each subject is scanned in four positions, three standing and one sitting
  • Compatibility with ASTM measurements is guaranteed
  • ISO 8559-compliant (garment construction and anthropometric surveys)
  • ISO 7250-compliant (human body measurement for technological design)
  • Socio-Demographic information

About the Human Solutions Group 

Successful products are customer-oriented and market-driven, so the route to final production must be constantly streamlined, making it faster and more cost-efficient. In development-intensive industries like fashion and mobility, product and sizing & fitting information is the key to success – and the companies of the Human Solutions Group offer you the perfect technologies for this:

  • Human Solutions GmbH – Body dimension data and ergonomic simulation in CAD for ergonomic vehicle design and size & fit optimization in the apparel industry.
  • Assyst GmbH – Integrated 3D, CAD and PLM solutions for efficient collection development in the world of fashion.
  • AVM Solutions GmbH – ERP and integrated management systems for shorter lead times in fashion.

The Human Solutions Group has 200 employees. Its products are sold worldwide, either directly by the Group or through partners in more than 50 countries.

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