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Size NorthAmerica – Serial Measurement in the USA and Canada about to start


Know your sizes, America! 

Human Solutions launches the first comprehensive anthropometric survey, considering both the United States and Canada 

Cary, NC / Montreal, QU 21.07.2015 Together with the Canadian Apparel Research and Innovation Center Vestechpro, Human Solutions is to launch the first representative anthropometric serial measurement survey in the United States and Canada. 3D body scanners will capture up-to-date body measurements in various postures and the acquired data will subsequently be prepared for the requirements of the automotive and apparel industry. For the first time, a systematic survey of children from the age of 6 and up will be included in a survey of this size. 

The survey, “Size NorthAmerica” is the most extensive serial measurement survey project on the North American continent to date. The project aims to develop current and representative dimensions for the automotive and apparel industry. Body measurements, dimensions, proportions, and demographic data of more than 17,000 men, women and children will be collected.

People change – and precise knowledge of the human bodyshape is indispensable for the development of vehicles and apparel. Body measurements, proportions and the demographic structure have changed significantly over the last decades. The currently available anthropometric data and the standard size tables, which are based on these data, present problems and are challenging for the apparel industry. Changes and detailed information for the specific target group markets have not been tracked. Size NorthAmerica will capture and document these changes.

Body measurements of children have never been systematically acquired 

The serial measurement survey of children and juveniles is also a point of focus, as is the updating of measurement tables for adults. A special survey for the age group between 6 and 17 years has never taken place until now in North America. Children’s size tables currently used are related to datasets from 1930 to 1970.

Revising sizes classification in line with the relevant market 

“The large-scale serial measurement program in the United States and Canada carried out with our project partner, Vestechpro, will enable us to determine the changes in the body measurements and proportions of the North American population. Based on the data acquired, we’ll process the current body dimension statistics for the requirements of the automotive and apparel industry”, says Michael van Genabith, President of Human Solutions of North America, Inc. d/b/a Assyst. “The Size NorthAmerica serial measurement survey will provide us with relevant information on safety, handling and comfort for product development in the automotive industry. We enable apparel manufacturers to analyze body measurements and assign current body proportions to company-specific size tables – allowing them to optimize their sizing concept.”

Measurement results are integrated into the iSize database 

For the first time, results will be available in a completely new form: the iSize web portal. The iSize web portal provides quick and convenient access to the results and is also flexible with comfortable evaluation and analysis functions. Participating companies can carry out company and target group specific evaluations.

The Size NorthAmerica survey will be carried out by the Human Solutions Group in cooperation with Vestechpro. Human Solutions has an experienced team of ergonomics and anthropometrical specialists, state-of-the-art 3D measuring technology, the IT infrastructure, and almost 20 years of experience in the field of 3D body measurement extraction. This globally-leading technology and expertise for large serial measurement surveys has already proven itself in Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China, Spain, and many other countries.

In order to tailor the serial measurement survey to the needs of the industry from the outset, companies and organizations are invited to participate actively. Companies can register for participation in the Size NorthAmerica survey from now until 30th September 2015. For further information, please visit our website: www.sizenorthamerica.com

At a glance: What data is acquired – and how? 

  • Measurement with 3D body scanners
  • More than 100 measurements taken per individual
  • 4 postures to be scanned per individual: 3 standing and 1 seated position
  • Compatibility with ASTM measurement definitions
  • In accordance with ISO 8559 (garment construction and anthropometric survey)
  • In accordance with ISO 7250 (basic human body measurements for technological design)
  • Demographic questionnaire

About Human Solutions of North America, Inc. d/b/a Assyst 

Successful products are customer-oriented and market-driven — and the production path must be made increasingly faster and more cost-efficient. In intensive development sectors like Fashion and Mobility, this can only be achieved through the right product and size & fit information… and the companies of the Human Solutions Group offer you the perfect technologies for this.

  • Human Solutions – Body dimension data and ergonomic simulation in CAD for ergonomic vehicle design or size & fit optimization in the apparel industry.
  • Assyst – Integrated 3D, CAD and PLM solutions for efficient collection development in the world of fashion.
  • AVM Solutions – ERP and integrated management systems for shorter lead times in fashion.

The Human Solutions Group has 200 employees. Its products are sold worldwide, either directly by the Group or through partners in 50 countries.

About Vestechpro 

Vestechpro is a Collegial Center for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT), a non-profit organization and a member of the TransTech Network. Affiliated with the Marie-Victorin College, Vestechpro benefits from its many Fashion Design, Marketing and Production Management researchers and experts. Over the years, Vestechpro has worked on numerous projects and research programs including anthropometry, smart clothing and wearables. Along with its many partners and collaborators, Vestechpro supports the apparel companies to develop and commercialize new products, optimize their processes and systems and train their employees on new technologies and processes. Overall, Vestechpro aims to find optimal solutions for its clients‘ needs and objectives and lead to the development and growth of the Quebec and Canada’s apparel industry.

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