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Sodexo supports accelerated growth with Coats Digital’s VisionPLM


The Global Supply Management (GSM) Team has selected Coats Digital’s VisionPLM to boost productivity and drive connectivity across the supply chain, supporting the business on a Global level.

The GSM Team supplies workwear to Sodexo’s employees from chef’s jackets, aprons and lab coats to headwear and polo shirts.

To support it through a period of rapid growth, Sodexo Services Asia decided to invest in a Product Lifecycle Management solution to help streamline product development, purchasing and production management processes.

Sodexo GSM Team:

“Whilst our internal and external demands for uniforms are growing fast, we were struggling to keep up with product development and production using disconnected manual processes and tools. Managing key business processes on spreadsheets, reports, documents and catalogues was slow and resulted in significant inefficiencies and inaccurate data. As well as the inherent inefficiencies of this approach, there were examples of out of date catalogues being used and margin control and management was a real challenge.”

“Something needed to change and we needed to streamline and automate key processes in a way that supported more effective collaboration across regions and with supply chain partners, as well as giving us fast access to accurate information.”

After reaching out to a number of providers, the GSM Team selected Coats Digital’s fashion specific Product Lifecycle Management solution, VisionPLM.

Sodexo GSM Team:

“Coats Digital has provided us with a single system which stores and manages all information relating to key product development and sourcing processes, easing the connection between factories, distributors and buyers. This enables us to see one single-centralised version of the truth, and importantly, manage supplier and buyer performance alongside robust product development and approval processes. This will increase productivity and efficiency and improve data accuracy, resulting in faster speed to market and reduced costs.”  

Developed specifically for fashion retailers, brands, sourcing companies and manufacturers of all sizes, VisionPLM streamlines and integrates key business processes, from design, material and product development, to supplier capacity management, order allocation and purchase order tracking. This results in significant improvements in visibility, coordination and control, across the business and with supply chain partners. VisionPLM can be tailored to each individual business needs and is proven to increase speed to market, improve productivity and reduce internal costs.

Elliot Hurst, Business Development Executive at Coats Digital, said,

“We are delighted to be working with Sodexo on this exciting project. Over the last 6 months we have worked closely with the GSM Team to understand existing processes and challenges and deliver a solution which reflects industry best practice and Sodexo’s specific requirements. We are confident that VisionPLM will play a key role in increasing the efficiency and speed of key product development and sourcing processes, supporting Sodexo on their journey.”

For more information about the features and business benefits of VisionPLM, or any of Coats Digital’s supply chain solution, visit www.coatsdigital.com

About Sodexo

Sodexo are 470,000 people in 67 countries who touch the lives of 100 million consumers on a daily basis. From dietitians, healthcare workers and receptionists to electricians, senior care providers and cooks, they seek to make every day a better day. Working in more than 100 professions, they share a passion for serving others.

The company offer their clients services that make life better for their employees and consumers. Their teams make the places where people work more comfortable and friendly. Their chefs add flavour at mealtimes. Their specialists keep hospital rooms spotless to help patients heal. Their solutions make it easier to manage business expenses. Sodexo work to improve quality of life, helping people to be more satisfied and productive. By contributing to individual well-being, they help clients enhance the performance of their organizations.

About Coats Digital

Coats Digital empowers the fashion supply chain through a digital ecosystem of connected intelligent applications embedded with deep industry expertise. These connected intelligent applications optimise end to end processes, connect people and accelerate design, development, costing, sourcing and manufacturing.

  • Brand Suite by Coats Digital helps brands and retailers efficiently control, streamline and accelerate the entire new product development, sourcing, costing, vendor capacity planning, and order execution lifecycle.
  • Manufacturer Suite by Coats Digital is proven to transform the manufacturing value chain, from design development, through costing, to planning, control and order execution.

VisionPLM, part of Coats Digital’s Brand Suite, is an intuitive product life cycle management (PLM) solution for fast, efficient product development and collaboration

From design to delivery, VisionPLM goes beyond conventional PLM systems, offering core PLM and best-in-class sourcing functionality. The solution streamlines and integrates key business processes, from design, material and product development, to supplier capacity management and purchase order tracking. This results in significant improvements in visibility, coordination, and control across the business and with supply chain partners.

Ultimately, VisionPLM increases the speed and efficiency of design, product development, sourcing and collaboration which is so critical to maximising sales and margin.

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